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Windows Media Player Skins / iPodTouch (Update)

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Artist's Note

*Updated version keeps reverting back to original after upload, so here is an alternative download:

Version 1.1 Update May 26, 2008:
*Clicking album art now lets you view song lyrics
*Editable Lyrics with save function
*Search currently playing song lyrics through google, yahoo, and A-Z Lyrics Universe
*All views now have hover "previous" and "next" buttons at the bottom
*All menu buttons are now assigned functions.
*And a few minor graphic updates
-Thanks to revert superior creator, Alex, for answering my email

"iPodTouch" for Windows Media Player 11.
Created using Windows XP Professional SP2 @ 1024x768
iPodTouch is a trademark of Apple Inc.
"Safari" button launches a google search of the current artist's biography.
"Youtube" button launches the youtube site.
"Maps" button launches google maps.
"Weather" button launches weather.com.
"Music" button switches to the now playing view.
"Playlist" button switches to playlist view.
"Video" button opens the video view.
"Eq" button opens the equalizer.
Now Playing View:
Top left button opens the controls for seek, repeat, and shuffle.
Top right button opens the playlist view.
Playlist View:
Top left button triggers the "open file" dialog.
Album art in top right returns to "now playing" view when clicked.
5 star rating.
EQ View:
Top "Preset" button changes the eq presets.
Bottom text shows the current preset in use.
Pressing the bottom home button will always return you to the main menu.

Comments (6)

tbird1031 says:

I installed this skin today. It's great. I love my iPod Touch and I love this skin! Keep improving it! Great skin!

Thu, Jan 29th at 02:13pm (8 years ago)

hey just wanted to say dat the home button doesn't work fi mi how do i fix dat?

Fri, May 1st at 06:26pm (8 years ago)
BunnyJump says:

this is the awesomest ipod skin ive seen thus far. Great work!

Tue, May 12th at 12:54pm (8 years ago)

how do I get to check the lyrics online

Thu, Jan 21st at 02:13pm (8 years ago)

I'm sorry for my mistake I mean I can't save lyrics what can I do?

Thu, Jan 21st at 02:38pm (8 years ago)
Adriel334 says:

this is awesome

Sat, Nov 23rd at 04:22pm (4 years ago)

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