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Artist's Note

Blackbar is an ultra-compact, full-featured skin for Windows Media Player. It is designed to be placed in an unused spot in the title bar area at the top of your screen, where it fades into the background until you need it. Just mouse over it to access all of the major features of Media Player.

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Comments (4)


Nicely made. Haven't had time to download it and try everything out, but it looks like you did a through job here. A few more features of the newer WMP versions which I haven't had the time to dabble with, so well done with that.

Thu, Oct 18th at 11:11pm (10 years ago)
trh2086 says:

I love this skin so much I created an account just to let you know. I recently installed Windows 7 on my laptop and I can't stand the new WMP 12. The way it's set up to swtich between skin, library, and now playing makes it feel like 3 different programs. It also only comes with 2 skin and neither of them work very well with other windows you may have open. This skin has everything I need in one little area. Including the now playing list feature. It's amazing!

Wed, Jun 23rd at 03:40pm (7 years ago)
ptsome110 says:

loved it thanks alot been searching for a skin that could function this way.

1. small & see through
2. 1 click show / hide playlist
3. que (scroll through song)
* Only thing missing is ability to rate songs w/ one click (possible if ratings were showing in playlist) but thanks for everything

Thu, May 26th at 09:41pm (6 years ago)
bazzaman says:

Brilliant! I wanted WMP taskbar toolbar (as used with WMP10 onWinXP), but WMP12 (on Win7) does not support this.

Tried retro-fit of old wmpband.dll which worked, but clumsy to use.

This is better (especially when combined with AlwaysOnTop). I place BlackBar at the top right of the screen just in from where other windows control sit. It sits there transparently on top (thanks to AlwaysOnTop) without being in any way obtrusive.


Wed, Oct 2nd at 12:22pm (4 years ago)

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Created by RandomS
on October 14th, 2007


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