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Artist's Note

Here is the famous unbearable "poing ta2z" skin.
a fist with the controls tatooed on the fingers.
And to complete the good taste of this piece of art
the equalizer and playlist panels are made with fingers of human being
insofar as you can consider me as a human being
because it's made with my fingers.
I'm still exploring myself to find interesting parts to make another skin with.

This is the second version, there was a problem with the visualization that was not stable
I have fixed the problem (programmation errors).
Now it's ok everything works.

There're more skins to come

I'm launching a collection let's call it the funkykalooskinaz style for those who want skins 'different' :
skin with attitude.

Here is the funkykalooskinaz list :

01 - poing ta2z (the unberable one!)
02 - saucisses funky fresh!! ( so yokie yok)
03 - kookoon (the forbiden one, most wanted by the police)
04 - funky banana (oh it's hurt!!)

they are all on at the bonus page.


Ce skin représente un poing avec les touches de contrôle tatouées sur les phalanges. Les effets de visualisation apparaissent sur l'ongle du pouce comme un vernis à ongle. Il comporte un équaliseur et une playliste bordés de doigts. Une apparence particulière pour son spécial.


jako maron pour 30kill produxion "tien bo larg pa"

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If only you could use that creativity and produce themeable works instead of sideshow art.

Sat, Jan 14th at 11:17pm (12 years ago)
-carnage- says:

HAHAHAHAHA wow congrats on getting a staff ranking lower than a 1. I didnt even think that was possible

Sat, Jan 14th at 10:26pm (12 years ago)
kontrola says:

whoa.. 0.59

Sun, Jan 15th at 03:36am (12 years ago)
khelmir says:

MAX.. i recall being silenced for giving a 1 for a theme (a rip) on the basis that it is unnnaceptable given the effort of themers.. now you give a 0.59.. talk about hypocracy

Sun, Jan 15th at 09:35am (12 years ago)
gratel says:

Yes this is the dark side of of the sideshow men or just another side because I think that all the skinnig things is sideshow.

I skin to turn the computer to my way, too many skinners turn windoz into mac or teknologi dezign into tekno stuff.
it's not my fault if their heads are empty or there eyes are klozd.
yes I'm a fool and my Mind is full of tattoos bananas sausages and other mad stuff and I want them on my screen

I'm sorry for those who are waiting for themes and tek harmony.

Before I change the file and before the counters (ranks,download and view) turn back to zero this skin on this site was dowloaded 4647 times and viewed 8373 I can't remenber about the ranks, I was not interested by the ranks because I didn't know the meaning (I'm not english)


Sun, Jan 15th at 12:51pm (12 years ago)

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Created by gratel
on January 14th, 2006


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