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Artist's Note

This is still my first try(wich I enjoyed to make), and made some minor "ajustments" to the menu and buttons.
Check it out.

Hope you like it :)

Comments (10)


It's very ugly. Good work.

Tue, Apr 22nd at 12:48pm (14 years ago)
hermik says:

so ugly! =)

Tue, Apr 22nd at 06:40am (14 years ago)
c0mpl3x says:

yes, it looks good, but...ugly :)

Tue, Apr 22nd at 06:58am (14 years ago)

i think you need some ugly typography to go with that ugly player..

Tue, Apr 22nd at 07:40am (14 years ago)
boweb says:

I see what you mean. Anny suggestions?

Tue, Apr 22nd at 11:31am (14 years ago)

i agree this certainly is ugly

Wed, May 7th at 11:04pm (14 years ago)
Narco says:

Mattise or Chiller are ugly letters. Perfect for an "ugly player." Keep up the good work.

Wed, Jul 9th at 08:27pm (14 years ago)
grizzip says:

Dude(ette)!! wow. that is so uglyicious!
I thought it was a plant.

Will some one PLEASE make a dragon skin?!?!? Ive been dying for one scince forever!!

Thu, Sep 16th at 09:44am (13 years ago)
jackson says:

this thing is the ugliest piece of s--t in the whole f-----g world if you can make it worse then this ROCK ON MAN!!!

Mon, Apr 11th at 02:25pm (12 years ago)
djuri says:

Hmm.... Interesting. U should have made it a picture and not a skin, it's much easier. Think about people acctually using it. Gives u the creeps, don't it?

Mon, Oct 2nd at 05:04pm (11 years ago)

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Created by boweb
on April 22nd, 2003


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