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Artist's Note

The DMv1.0 is my first ever skin. It has 2 modes. An attatched mode where the video/visual screen slides out of the bottom. And a detatched mode which the screen is "floating" and can be resized and moved.

Some of you "scripting gurus" would have probably done things a little differently. But it works! And does nearly everything I set out to do.

The graphics aren't up to the standards of The Skins Factory but they are pretty decent considering my limited experience

Download and enjoy!

Also, be sure to rate & comment on it. And don't go too easy on me. After all, it's my first skin. So, I know going in that there is room for improvement.

Comments (11)


Pretty decent for your first skin. Keep up the hard work.

Sun, Mar 2nd at 08:38pm (14 years ago)

is the very good work

Sun, Mar 2nd at 09:21am (14 years ago)
epochfx says:

Like Imrik said, the font needs changing. I also think the buttons (close,minimize,etc) need to be redone. However, it's GREAT for a first skin and with some more polish it could be worthy of 100's

Sun, Mar 2nd at 09:52am (14 years ago)

Which fonts need changing? All? Or just the screen fonts? Any suggestions on which font?

And Imrik: Don't take this the wrong way. I mean nothing by it, But, as far as the girl goes. I just used the background image I have on my PC. After all, I'm just a dirty ole man! :D

Sun, Mar 2nd at 11:08am (14 years ago)
sticboy says:

it's cool.

Sun, Mar 2nd at 12:29pm (14 years ago)
nkj says:

nice skin .keep up the good work

Thu, Mar 6th at 03:09pm (14 years ago)
McGuiver says:

You did damn good,especially for your first skin. I know very well how many hours it takes to make one of these full-featured skins and to work out the "issues".
I try to stay clear of the "common" rectangular shape (personal preference).

Thu, Mar 6th at 11:08pm (14 years ago)

This is an excellent skin for a first attempt, and is simple and effective. Personally I would of had the playlist on the left side as i have the skin on the right side of the screen, and I like to change the songs without having to move the skin to see the slide out menu. Maybe there could be more animation like the menu sliders opening when you open media player. This is my favourite skin, keep up the good work.

Thu, Mar 20th at 06:50pm (14 years ago)
VinCH says:

FIRST attempt?

1 billion~!

Wed, Jun 4th at 01:16am (14 years ago)
coolal says:

since it's your first attempt and it looks great than you deserve a 100

Mon, Jul 28th at 03:00am (14 years ago)
Coner says:

This is the_best_skin_ever for WMP. I use it all the time. Great work!

Sat, Sep 20th at 04:37pm (14 years ago)

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Created by llDReaMerll
on March 2nd, 2003


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