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Artist's Note

Gilla default (Gilla Heavy) includes roll up, always on top, clock (Cclock plugin), mp3 player (WBAmp plugin), and customizable pull down menu (WBWinMenu plugin). All of these plugins can be toggled on or off with the expandable options button in the top left of the window. Three other versions with plugins are Gilla Clock, Gilla Mp3, Gilla Menu, all of these versions only support the plugin for which they are named. Two more versions are Gilla Light (no plugins, just always on top and roll up), and Gilla Minimal (no plugins, no “extras”).

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Wow, that sure is green ... yet, cool. Very interesting, very bright, yet .... cool! But, for the sake that it is a bit bright .... ugh ...

Mon, Mar 11th at 10:17pm (15 years ago)
tech13 says:

bah... all this time i knew people would automatically judge this skin cause of its color.. also since i cant seem to post another message i'll just add to this one. rkenshin: yes i stare at a whole operating system like this at least 10 hours a day at work and I love every minute of it. It helps to have the whole theme to complete the look. I know its a very edgy color. I think once people get past the "wow its bright!" point of view they get use to it. I really can understand your point of view on the color and how you cant get into it. When I started this theme I questioned to myself about the color. I even went into an irc channel and asked everyone if they thought I should scrap it and everyone told me to go ahead do I did. Its all personal preference but I guess I just wish people would look past the colors and see all the features it has to offer. I don't mean to sound rude rkenshin so sorry if you took it that way. :)

Wed, Feb 13th at 10:04pm (15 years ago)

rkenshin, i seriously think you underrated this skin. it's so well done, original and amusing :) it just wouldn't be the same at all if the colors were different. i love this...just as it is.

Wed, Feb 13th at 10:09pm (15 years ago)
malform says:

I knew this was going to be another misunderstood skin. We attempt to make skin that are easy to use, functional, and most of all… Fun!

I know I’m personally way far from the majority when I say that I just can’t stare at a grunge skin for 10 hours a day. This theme was made with one thing in mind and that thing is fun. So take a chance, download it, use it for a bit…. Chances are you may enjoy it. :P

The rest of the suite will be out soon, so them you can get the rest of the skins if matching the green colors with other skins is a problem :)

Wed, Feb 13th at 10:21pm (15 years ago)
rkenshin says:

ok, why are we all pissy for a review? yes, its fun. yes its cool. I even said that. But its bright as all hell. Ever stare at a bright skin all day? How about for the whole OS? If you disagree with my review, so be it. If you want to take a review so personally, thats your problem, not mine. Sorry. =) I turned up the rating just for you. So quit whining.

Wed, Feb 13th at 10:51pm (15 years ago)
Pudicio says:

Maaaan this skin fits perfectly with my new winamp skin ! :D thanx!

Thu, Feb 14th at 10:14am (15 years ago)
lBlackFL says:

Quick, I need my sunglasses! Great, bright and fun!

Sun, Mar 3rd at 05:01pm (15 years ago)

thats the same colour as my face, after eating beans and drinking milk at the same time- i have to wear glasses now!

good job...

Mon, Aug 16th at 12:31pm (13 years ago)
psynapse says:

Holy crap it's like someone stayed up all night drinking tequila and eating Kiwi fruits. This is what you get when you decide that bright colours are fun, but have an inexplicable obsession with MONOCHROMATIC visual styles. What .. the .. fuck.

Fri, Apr 22nd at 10:53am (12 years ago)
verity says:

Dont know, this makes hard for reading

Mon, Feb 20th at 05:35pm (11 years ago)
barrett says:

I love it but dont understand how to use it

Fri, Jun 23rd at 07:29pm (11 years ago)

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Created by ruinedinc
on February 13th, 2002


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