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Artist's Note

V2.1 OUT NOW!!!

New in V2.1: Integrated Playlist drawer and glowing LEDs for the Volume/Bass/Treble knobs

MMD3 - a legend returns
now with over 70 ColorThemes

- Special Advanced-Visualization
- 2 Winshade-Modes (horizontal/vertical)
- All components skinned
- configurable Songticker
- easy to use
- integrated ColorThemes-Switcher + extra window
- Choosable left/right drawer
- New playlist winshade
- Easier to use and animated Volume/Bass/Treble knobs
- and a lot of more...

Comments (103)


OMG! I thought your v1.0 was hot but this is even better.. how many hours did this take you?

Sat, Nov 30th at 08:29pm (15 years ago)

awesome man just awesome! wait did you say over 70 colors?!?!!

Sat, Nov 30th at 02:30pm (15 years ago)
ColinXP says:

sweet jeebus, this is hot!...almost makes me want to download winamp 3 ;}

Sat, Nov 30th at 02:31pm (15 years ago)


Sat, Nov 30th at 02:56pm (15 years ago)
Valhalla says:

IMHO - the greatest WA3 skin ever released

Sat, Nov 30th at 02:56pm (15 years ago)
ntreal says:


Sat, Nov 30th at 03:25pm (15 years ago)

This truely is a masterpiece, I only wish that winamp 3 wasn't such a buggy piece of software. sadly, i must remain with winamp 2

Sat, Nov 30th at 03:43pm (15 years ago)
K y 0 z says:


Sat, Nov 30th at 03:49pm (15 years ago)

I have been waiting on this one since you released the 1.0. Man this rocks.

Sat, Nov 30th at 04:02pm (15 years ago)
sad says:


Sat, Nov 30th at 04:26pm (15 years ago)
skyliner says:

I did it.. downgraded to Winamp 3 that is. It's worth it for this skin though

Sat, Nov 30th at 04:29pm (15 years ago)
PK says:


Sat, Nov 30th at 04:40pm (15 years ago)
DrGamez says:

Must... resist... urge... to... cream... in ... pants... Ohh.. damn.. too late

Sat, Nov 30th at 04:49pm (15 years ago)

+ [100] + [100] + [100] + [100]

Sat, Nov 30th at 05:20pm (15 years ago)
psyK says:


Sat, Nov 30th at 05:31pm (15 years ago)
Jalani says:

Thats just GREAT! Looks especiallcy hot in winshade mode. And it's still VERY usable in this mode.
Love the variety in colors.

Sat, Nov 30th at 05:40pm (15 years ago)
sticboy says:


Sat, Nov 30th at 06:20pm (15 years ago)


Sat, Nov 30th at 06:23pm (15 years ago)
Deft says:

Last point will be added when wa3 will run without melting my computer whenever I press play...

Sat, Nov 30th at 06:34pm (15 years ago)
status says:

A pretty decent update. Color themes are pretty well chosen, but still feel limited. Custom color sliders would be an improvement. Still the best WA3 skin out there.

Sat, Nov 30th at 07:48pm (15 years ago)

Masterpiece. Just Simply Beautiful.

Sat, Nov 30th at 08:52pm (15 years ago)
ParTKiD says:

WA3 is a resource hog, although I don't use wa3 I got some of my peeps to "downgrade" to wa3 just for this skin.
As status said it's def the best wa3 skin around.

Sat, Nov 30th at 08:53pm (15 years ago)
c h c says:

Nice. But not nice enough to make me switch. ;)

Sat, Nov 30th at 09:04pm (15 years ago)
shocks says:


Sat, Nov 30th at 10:52pm (15 years ago)
killjoy says:

hot DAMN that's some nice stuff right there, a stella skin all around, you really put it to it and damn near make winamp3's resource hogging worth the time! major props.

Sun, Dec 1st at 12:41am (15 years ago)

improving on perfection is really hard. oops, you just did it.

Sun, Dec 1st at 01:48am (15 years ago)
Aspenth says:

Holy shit dude, this is freakin awesome. Kudos for you for putting in all this time to make such an amazing skin, this really showcases your skills, amazing work.

Sun, Dec 1st at 04:51am (15 years ago)

I've always been a proponent of WA3, though I still use WA2 for gaming.. but this skin is absolutely BEAUTIFUL to the 10th degree O.O Most of all, I think I'm in love w/ the fully featured shade-bar! =D

Sun, Dec 1st at 08:02am (15 years ago)
Frost says:


Sun, Dec 1st at 10:33am (15 years ago)
Compo says:

da best go da better ? - my fav, got a nicer :)

Sun, Dec 1st at 11:11am (15 years ago)
Spayk says:

Damn, Shi*, Oh that is whack!

Sun, Dec 1st at 11:53am (15 years ago)
Ice_blue says:

amazing dude, (wonders why winamp3 crashes every 1's computers - maby they should get a better pc, caus wmp 3 has neva crashed on me) any way good job

Sun, Dec 1st at 12:06pm (15 years ago)
Travelian says:

I'm not a huge winamp 3 guy but this is a great skin. Just wish winamp 3 wern't so resource hoggy. Just the thinger icons need to be a little lower to make them look aligned correctly :)

Sun, Dec 1st at 05:38pm (15 years ago)
jsuh says:

Never amazes me...

Sun, Dec 1st at 08:33pm (15 years ago)

make a separate spectrum analyzer window and i'll give you that last 5 points =)

Sun, Dec 1st at 09:33pm (15 years ago)
jackcrow says:

................. drool.

Mon, Dec 2nd at 12:23am (15 years ago)
FnaD says:

hooboyhooboyhooboy! that skin is fucking HOT! I love the mini playlist built into the windowshade mode (not the windowshade for the actual playlist, although that is pretty cool too). You damn near need a degree to drive the damn thing though :) Couple of suggestions though. 1. An image *somewhere* showing the colour themes side-by-side. With 70 of the suckers its hard to remember which ones I like :) 2. Not sure if its possible, and its only such a wee little thing I feel like a prick for asking, but a "remove all" in the right click of the mini-playlist. 3. This is one that all wa3 skins that I like so far suffer from - the thingers are too hard to scroll exactly. Maybe I'm just bad on the mouse, but it'd be nice to have a "snap-scroll" option. Apart from those very minor quibbles, I lub it!

Mon, Dec 2nd at 02:07am (15 years ago)

I told you WA3 people to stop doing this, damnit...

Mon, Dec 2nd at 06:06am (15 years ago)
grimtek says:

Definitely the best skin I've ever seen. So functional and versatile.

Mon, Dec 2nd at 07:34pm (15 years ago)
darknovax says:

That shits amazing, and i dont even use winamp :-D

Mon, Dec 2nd at 08:47pm (15 years ago)
bmetelsky says:

I had to download WA3 to check this one out because it looked so awesome! What an excellent skin - hope there are more to follow.

Mon, Dec 2nd at 09:25pm (15 years ago)
Royal says:

Best winamp3 skin out there. Good job.

Mon, Dec 2nd at 11:29pm (15 years ago)
soldo says:

only WOOOT!!! The best skin ever

Tue, Dec 3rd at 10:59am (15 years ago)
thenut says:

just to add to the awesomeness... :P

Wed, Dec 4th at 02:53am (15 years ago)

This is the ONLY Winamp 3 skin! I refused to use it until now.

Wed, Dec 4th at 11:26am (15 years ago)
runner says:

Since winamp 2.X MMD was my pirst choise, then after winamp 3.X I saw what I then thought the best winamp skin ever made.. thought no one will come near it.. well I was wrong.. sorry I've learned my leasson - never say never - The new MMD3 (2.1) is ever better.

A great respect to your work.. keep it up (Please keep it up :-) )


Sun, Dec 15th at 08:12pm (15 years ago)
Krunchkin says:

I like it and all, but it tends to cause WinAMP3 to freeze, then close. I love the different color schemes, especially the pink, and blues. But it just freezes alot. =(

Thu, Dec 19th at 02:28pm (15 years ago)
.johnny. says:


Fri, Dec 20th at 05:07pm (15 years ago)
bsting says:

i'm generally not a winamp3 user, but this is just amazing....omg i just noticed the vertical mode. this is tooo niice, can i go over 100?

Sun, Dec 22nd at 03:21pm (15 years ago)

This is really the best skin I've ever seen out there....

Wed, Dec 25th at 07:00am (15 years ago)

exactly wut sleepwalker said....
cept only its the the best skin in the known universe..of course..there might be some pple whu hate this skin.......................

Tue, Jan 7th at 08:21pm (15 years ago)
cjkerr says:

I normally use the highly ugly Musicmatch...this has made me switch to WA3! Amazing.....!!

Mon, Jan 13th at 06:09am (15 years ago)
sami says:

ok, i am so in love with this skin... but it wont let me download it onto my comp, but yea, other than it, it's the most amazing skin i have yet to see.

Tue, Jan 21st at 12:26pm (15 years ago)

Neat job,fantastic skin, i'm addicted to the videomode ; ]

Wed, Jan 22nd at 11:35pm (15 years ago)
One11 says:

Words arent powerfull enough...

Sat, Jan 25th at 04:58pm (14 years ago)
SMIG says:

the BEST skin out there, whens the newest version coming out? too bad i cant give u a higher score, it desrves it

Tue, Jan 28th at 04:03pm (14 years ago)

*passes out*

Thu, Feb 6th at 11:49am (14 years ago)
JazzMidi says:

best winamp 3 skin to date. (IMHO)

Sun, Feb 9th at 02:20pm (14 years ago)
jimmylo says:

fantastic skin i've ever seen.but one bug is that it can't display CHINESE on the window suppose it can be.when i roll back to 1.0,everything is good.so ,plz fix this damn thing as well.

Sat, Mar 1st at 09:59pm (14 years ago)
Knuff says:

Meh, might as well give ya 100.

Sun, Mar 9th at 04:30am (14 years ago)
DMC001 says:

I am also experiencing jimmylo's problem, but love it after try it, strongly recommended!

Sun, Mar 23rd at 12:04am (14 years ago)

if only this was for sonique...

Mon, Mar 24th at 09:14pm (14 years ago)
hermik says:

I didn't comment on this one? shame on me!

Tue, Mar 25th at 06:56am (14 years ago)

Supah []D [] []/[] []D very clean...love the advanced oscope, color themer is roxors, thingbee is spotted great...nice all around...99 cause I like new clear skin a little bettah...pimp nun da less....by the by 512 ddr keeps ya frum crunchin yer pc with WA3

Sat, Apr 12th at 03:58pm (14 years ago)
Xman2222 says:

i installed winamp 3 after i saw ur skin its great!

Fri, Apr 25th at 08:05am (14 years ago)
P3T3 says:

How the hell did I miss this????? This is a very very sweet skin man, exactly what I was lookin for.
Thanks :)

Tue, May 27th at 12:35pm (14 years ago)
hadda says:

awesome! this skin is the only reason I'm using winamp 3

Sat, May 31st at 06:21am (14 years ago)

Awesome man! Deserves 6 stars! ************! TEN! It is really that good! I'm suprised it isn't at the top of the list, the top ones don't even compare. You win, hands down. This skin rocks.

Mon, Jun 9th at 07:49pm (14 years ago)

Best winamp skin there is.

Fri, Jun 20th at 10:18pm (14 years ago)
calebb says:

Simply incredible. I've used many skins over the years, but nothing comes close to this one. The minimal mode is great w/low CPU usage; The custom visualizations fit very well in the 'normal' mode. Adding song navigation buttons to every window was a good idea!

The color schemes look so good - I don't like a lot of color schemes out there, but you picked ~70 really nice looking schemes. (the xbox & classic schemes are my favorites)

Great job - you should accept donations...seriously!
p.s., I created an account here at customize.org today so I could rave about this skin - it's that good :-)

Tue, Jul 1st at 03:41am (14 years ago)
Stego says:

no es tan bueno en relidad, peta mucho el pc le doy un 85 ................. ah la version 2.2 ya esta fuera || -

version 2.2 in winamp.com

Sun, Sep 28th at 09:42am (14 years ago)
eXity says:

This skin seriously kicks ass and it's one of the best skins ever. Except it's not for the best player (Winamp3 sucks) ... :p

Wed, Oct 1st at 06:22am (14 years ago)
Malakai says:

Now that we've got winamp 5, there is no excuse to not have this. This is beautiful. And the opacity controls are genius.

Tue, Dec 9th at 10:51pm (14 years ago)
Narco says:

This is one of the best skins I have ever seen. If it were up to me, It would be the skin of the year. I don't have Winamp3, I hate it. But I will be using it with Winamp 5.

Wed, Dec 17th at 11:36am (14 years ago)
Tr0jAn_ says:

I absolutley LOVE this skin. I love your style bartibartman, you have a unique button, texture, window ect. style that shows-up in every one of your skins. I love it. I love it alot. Keep up the good work man!

Sat, Dec 20th at 05:38pm (14 years ago)
Dj kenfoo says:

That is the best skin i have seen.Dont think you can get better

Wed, Jan 21st at 02:01pm (14 years ago)
anycon says:

I was listening to a 13-minute song in winshade mode and it did not display all 4 digits, only 3 (and faultily at that).

Wed, Feb 18th at 09:16am (13 years ago)

The skin is perfect!
Just one little problem - it crashes my Winamp as if the file is corrupted or something!
Please help! I want the new version!!!!

Mon, Apr 12th at 04:59pm (13 years ago)

sorry i can't download it , mybe its because i am using mozilla browser

Sun, Jun 13th at 12:48pm (13 years ago)

By far the most incredible skin I have ever seen!!! Awesome Job!!!

Fri, Jul 9th at 09:17am (13 years ago)
sidefx says:

no words.

Tue, Aug 10th at 04:14pm (13 years ago)
ericdl says:

Sweet!!!! This skin is beautiful.

Tue, Aug 10th at 05:04pm (13 years ago)
pdx_joe says:

This skin is off the hook!!! Prob he best WinAmp skin I have ever seen!!!

Thu, Aug 12th at 05:56am (13 years ago)
Phoebus says:

Beautiful skin. This is simply gorgeous. Great work!

Thu, Aug 12th at 05:52pm (13 years ago)

Downloaded winamp 3 just to use this skin, despite some errors in winamp 3...im using ur skin...

Tue, Aug 17th at 11:59am (13 years ago)
teus66 says:

Best skin ever seen, is the reason for me to keep using WinAmp3, under WA5 this skin has some bugs, and WA3 is good enough. (download WA3 from )

Mon, Sep 20th at 04:12pm (13 years ago)
Necrosoft says:


Mon, Sep 27th at 01:01pm (13 years ago)

i sure thats you and your not ripping work

Mon, Oct 11th at 06:11pm (13 years ago)
jermicide says:

My favorite modern winamp skin.

Tue, Nov 2nd at 02:55pm (13 years ago)
sunfire17 says:

love it. nuff said

Tue, Nov 23rd at 04:44pm (13 years ago)

Dear god, 70 COLORS!?!?!?

Tue, Aug 23rd at 01:58am (12 years ago)
lervad says:

Fantastic skin :D It is amazing. If you could make it possible to enque songs, when the window is in winshade mode. (I'm talking of that miniplaylist-It is cool) I almost only use that mode, but I miss that function. If you include that feature, I will give You 100 :)

Sat, Oct 15th at 06:42am (12 years ago)
LTD says:

Sex. I want this thing to have my children. Out of the right side.

Mon, Jan 30th at 05:52pm (11 years ago)
omzig89 says:


Wed, Feb 22nd at 12:39am (11 years ago)
Sp3cial says:

Oh dear God, this is cool! The best thing is, in mini-mode, it's the exact same height as the status bar in FireFox! (plus it goes perfectly with my "theme" at the moment, blue/silver)

Sat, Mar 11th at 05:40pm (11 years ago)
danieleb says:

It speaks for itself.

Sun, Apr 9th at 02:16pm (11 years ago)
mici says:

damn dood!!

Wed, Apr 19th at 02:05am (11 years ago)


Fri, Jun 30th at 08:10am (11 years ago)
dsock says:

Very nice. I like the color schemes. I've used Invicta for the past few months, I never thought I'd find a skin better than Invicta, until I found MMD. Great work!

Fri, Aug 25th at 11:17am (11 years ago)
Cevron says:

This is ....... im speachless.

Fri, Sep 15th at 02:41pm (11 years ago)

Legendary skin, legendary skinner, too.

Tue, Sep 11th at 10:01am (10 years ago)

still....best overall skin EVER made for winamp. i have been using it for years and cant top it anywhere

Mon, May 12th at 04:04pm (9 years ago)
nimd4 says:

Isn't it Sven Kistner's? Featured Skin, October 24, 2002. V2.2a

Mon, Sep 8th at 03:19pm (9 years ago)

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