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Artist's Note

A bit of mixture of styles i've been using in previous skins, with some improvements.

Comments (28)

vultuk says:

Me liike!!! Only thing is the play icons etc under the buttons tend to be a little hard to read at my resolution because of the nice way they've been tucked under the top layer. Maybe make an ikkle larger or move the top layer up a bit to give a better view! =0D

Sat, Sep 15th at 07:17pm (16 years ago)
DIGI says:

P: mmmm *drool

Sat, Sep 15th at 07:19pm (16 years ago)
Havoc says:

*humps monitor*

Sat, Sep 15th at 07:57pm (16 years ago)
Cype says:

whoa this is awesome.

Sat, Sep 15th at 07:58pm (16 years ago)
LoneDust says:

altho the icon symbols/letters are not easy to read, colours are outstanding enough you can easily find them and not mistaken to click the wrong button.

Sat, Sep 15th at 09:36pm (16 years ago)
n0zix says:

damn. DAMN this is nice. keep up the good work =]

Sat, Sep 15th at 09:45pm (16 years ago)
Prizm says:

great job! not too complicated, not too minimal, just perfect. looking forward to your future uploads. (update: i just thought.. you should make a windowblinds/litestep theme out of this. i know i would use them.)

Sat, Sep 15th at 10:22pm (16 years ago)
Gusto says:


Mon, Sep 17th at 01:45pm (16 years ago)
jermicide says:

great skin, nice design and effect

Mon, Sep 17th at 03:04pm (16 years ago)
FoodSTAMP says:

great details

Tue, Sep 18th at 10:22am (16 years ago)

Slick, very slick, one of the best I've seen

Thu, Sep 20th at 03:35pm (16 years ago)
uri says:

People please people, do not compress the files in *.wsz

Sat, Sep 22nd at 02:41am (16 years ago)
blather says:

And just what is wrong with .wsz?

Thu, Sep 27th at 11:57pm (16 years ago)
Anacific says:

uri, wtf did you give it 1?! lack of brains?

Anyways, this skin is brilliant. Everything in it is perfect. It'll be my default skin for quiet some time :)

Sat, Sep 29th at 11:11pm (16 years ago)
Stunts says:

I'll be adding this to my top 5 skins :)

Mon, Oct 1st at 12:17am (16 years ago)
MCRez says:

bit too much going on for my liking.. beautiful design though

Tue, Oct 9th at 06:36pm (16 years ago)


Fri, Nov 16th at 12:54pm (16 years ago)

Looks like shit if you ask me.

Mon, Nov 19th at 02:41pm (16 years ago)

Good skin, looks hella tite. Buttons are a little small, but if you know it, it works.

Mon, Dec 3rd at 10:09am (15 years ago)
xaphan says:

quite cool, i like it a lot, it will surely become one of the skins i use A LOT. btw.. uri, wsz = zip.. same shit, diferent name..

Tue, Jan 1st at 09:50am (15 years ago)
RiceBar says:

DaMMMMMM......This is the bomb...I am gonna use this skin all my life lolz!! keep it up!!! keep making!!!

Tue, Jan 22nd at 10:20pm (15 years ago)

this is straight up awesome

Fri, Jan 25th at 09:43pm (15 years ago)
ia says:

damn tasty!

Sun, Apr 7th at 09:46am (15 years ago)

.... oh my gawd :-o

Sat, Aug 17th at 02:24pm (15 years ago)
blueslaad says:

Very Well planned out, it looks great.. :)

Sun, Aug 25th at 08:09pm (15 years ago)
Abysmal says:

Nice skin, although I remember seing it in twisted drain. His work is great, is this a rip or is this the same person as the submitter?

Sun, Feb 2nd at 09:11pm (14 years ago)

crazy detail

Sun, Aug 24th at 07:25pm (14 years ago)
Chriszuma says:

just wanted to add my 100 cents! kickass man!

Sat, Jan 31st at 11:19am (13 years ago)

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Created by DJ-Designs
on September 15th, 2001


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