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Winamp 2.x Skins / Doppelganger

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This is a very "chapalang" (Manglish for lousy) skin compared to others. But it's my first, and it's been too long on the chopping board it looks quite unique. Thank for your review!

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Atari 26k says:

What I like about this... it moves away from what everyone else seems to do. I tend to like ALOT of the skins I see, but I think lucas is moving in a cool direction

HaUnTeR74 says:

Wild !! but its another one of those skins that makes me want to vomit on my keyboard



Spanky3 says:

it just looks so COOL!! If you dont dl it you suck!!


what the hell is that thing??

evil666 says:

You lot dont use the Fossil skins by any chance do u? Well they dont even have symbols. I like this skin because it ollks tough and very full hardy. If you are going to do one which is similar try too give the windows 3D borders then it would look so tough. Good use of colours and Greek letters. It is a shame that none of these other jerks know what the strange symbols are because maybe, hust maybe they would've had a different opinion.

Nerdlife says:

It's a pretty nice skin. Hard to tell what button is what, though.


I like the Skin Alot bout the buttons are kinda hard to read

Mr. Burns says:

Very original (except the omega symbol), but still ugly. For a first, great job!

Seifer says:

Very original, and I think you should update it to clean it up and make the text easier to read.

Delusion says:

Not bad... quite unique in design, but its just very hard to see the text.


I'd give a 90+ although the buttons aren't that easy to differenciate between. If the skin had easier to read buttons, I'd give an A easily. I think it's a great skin with a really nice shape to it.

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Created by [email protected]
on November 4th, 1998


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