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Artist's Note

Here it is, my latest skin. I made some adjustments to it after all the helpful criticism in the forums. Thanks to everyone responded. Hopefully you will all agree that this is an improvement. The original version is included in the .zip along with the original compact version.

For updates check here:

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Comments (17)


Nice looking winamp, the old school lettering on the promo as well as the colors makes it an eye catcher.

Sat, Dec 31st at 10:39pm (12 years ago)

I kind of wish you'd kept the green in the EQ, but it still looks great. Nice job, as always :)

Mon, Dec 19th at 01:14am (12 years ago)
Knarf says:

Cool, tho I would say that on my monitor it lacks a little bit of contrast (and there definitly is a green shade in the light colors -on my monitor at work: sony trinitron 16/9).
And the contrast matter may be caused by my monitor too.
And I rate 100 because either I don't rate if I don't like it, either I love it. :)

Mon, Dec 19th at 01:16am (12 years ago)
ranqour says:

Nice, as always.

Mon, Dec 19th at 01:31am (12 years ago)

good looking, straightforward skin

Mon, Dec 19th at 02:16am (12 years ago)
WinT says:

Unique, different, and a new target skin for me to mess around with, as you know your's are my favorite my friend :) Thanks for this, never knew it was coming, and at 4:12 in the morning, it's a pleasant surprise. Great work as always, and I could easily see a VS coming out of this skin too :) Thumbs up all the way :)

Mon, Dec 19th at 03:33am (12 years ago)
- DioS - says:

agree with nylons, there was no need to rush edit: we were waiting for it Frosted :D

Mon, Dec 19th at 07:14am (12 years ago)

cool, it looks better

Mon, Dec 19th at 08:41am (12 years ago)
staticuxo says:

i think it looks great (: especially the compact

Mon, Dec 19th at 09:21am (12 years ago)
Veroka says:

It's ok... I think there is a little bug on the min, win and close buttons at the main window (they move just one or two pixels).

Mon, Dec 19th at 09:34am (12 years ago)
Aenu says:

applied. i love it.

Mon, Dec 19th at 09:47am (12 years ago)
merzbow says:

what a surprise, it looks exactly the same as all your other skins. status: I would, except my previous account was silenced with no explanation.

Mon, Dec 19th at 10:45am (12 years ago)
status says:

merzbow: no, it really doesn't. Frosted's style has always been very minimalistic and in the past there was a case to be made for the similarity of his skins -- hell, back in the day he and I traded words about it. But with his last three he's really broken out of his old patterns. This, XPMC and Opus are all very minimalistic, but have their own thing going stylistically. If you're looking for skinning at it's artistic best, you're looking for Breed; Custo trades in style and functionality, and Frosted delivers that. And if you're going to take a potshot at another user, be a man and do it with your own username instead of setting up an alt.

Mon, Dec 19th at 11:14am (12 years ago)
kzzu says:

good job, nce skin :)

Mon, Dec 19th at 11:50am (12 years ago)
Nylons says:

MediaLibrary unfinished, caption buttons still misplaced on click down... Shame, it could have been a good skin. [UPDATE] ML before : ML my mod : [UPDATE-2] Good update on DA, ML is better now, but I think it should have the same main background color as the PL window. EQ caption buttons still need to be adjusted: when click down on "min", it double shows both "min" and "close" click down buttons... [UPDATE-3] Winamp 2x doesn't cause that, but Winamp 5x does

Mon, Dec 19th at 12:16pm (12 years ago)
WillyT says:

I like this better then what you had on the forum but it still seems to be missing something with the colors, probably just a personal thing... still looks great though, nice job.

Mon, Dec 19th at 02:09pm (12 years ago)

updated version here:
about the medialibrary... it shows up completely skinned for me, status took a look at it for me, but couldnt find a problem, he sent me a 'fixed' version, check the latest version and let me know if that did the trick update: nylons, I think thats a bug in winamp, I dont know how my skin could cause that by itself

Mon, Dec 19th at 02:17pm (12 years ago)

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