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Winamp 2.x Skins / Aesthetic Groove for Winamp Classic

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Looks a little like Nano, but thats just how it is with winamp classic, so its understandable. Matches the vs very nicely. This looks great with the suite. Nice work.

Mon, Jan 3rd at 07:02pm (12 years ago)

great colors, really. awesome. you guys make a good team.

Mon, Jan 3rd at 12:54pm (12 years ago)

yea boy Diesel boy yea! and the skin looks the hotness too.

Mon, Jan 3rd at 01:40pm (12 years ago)
Compo says:

suite looks great guys

Mon, Jan 3rd at 05:36pm (12 years ago)
fate0000 says:

I agree - good synergy here. Presentation is nice too - just double check that spelling ;) Nice job guys

Mon, Jan 3rd at 07:14pm (12 years ago)

This is excellent. I love brown and its used so well here.

Mon, Jan 3rd at 08:17pm (12 years ago)
heylove says:

The typo is only in the preview. oops :D

Mon, Jan 3rd at 09:38pm (12 years ago)
Lithanor says:

Very Nice!

Tue, Jan 4th at 02:54am (12 years ago)

I like this more and more as I use it... great work

Wed, Jan 5th at 08:56pm (12 years ago)
mycleo1 says:

a winamp 5 skin would be very nice and interesting.I think it would really complete this suite!nice job!!!

Thu, Jan 6th at 10:34am (12 years ago)

i have a new winamp skin, its groovy

Mon, Oct 3rd at 12:49pm (12 years ago)
raoul says:

Very impressive. Its funky without being brash or garish and I love it! :)

Fri, Jun 1st at 04:11am (10 years ago)

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Created by heylove
on January 3rd, 2005


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