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very sleak skin you've got there. it just speaks out "touch me"

Wed, Apr 28th at 09:08am (13 years ago)
sticboy says:

looks somewhat familiar, i cant put my finger on it.

Wed, Apr 28th at 03:41am (13 years ago)
Shad0w says:

Yes the design seem to take many of the interfaces of many popular skins for winamp, but really which one doesn't. I like this one casue it is clean and still has that edge of chromish to it. That and it is blue, and I love BLUE! :P

Wed, Apr 28th at 04:24am (13 years ago)
Sonic says:

i love it, got it off the guiolympics site this morning, had no idea you were gonna submit here to. nice job, great work as usual!

Wed, Apr 28th at 04:31am (13 years ago)
farm says:

I really like the way this ting looks. Way to go, great shade of blue as well.

Wed, Apr 28th at 08:04pm (13 years ago)
imtoomuch says:

Awesome skin. I'm using it now.

Wed, Apr 28th at 08:37pm (13 years ago)
R I P says:

sweet, nice sharp clean interface, me likes. good work..

Wed, Apr 28th at 10:17pm (13 years ago)
zrco says:

I hate tea. Just can’t stand taste of it. But you have my word I’ll drink it every day for a whole month in case this skin is a rip. As Shad0w already have mentioned, there are so many skins who are similar to each others but if you have a look at my previous work I’ve never borrowed any “woow “part from any other skin. Certainly I wouldn’t do it now after my skills got better. This skin has similarity in being well polished, and if you look below it you’ll see that skin is very simple and empty, and if I may say nothing special, just attractive.

Thu, Apr 29th at 03:01am (13 years ago)
ParTKiD says:

The Video window is skinned... that alone is a great feat.. plus it's blue :)

Sat, May 1st at 09:21am (13 years ago)

I think sticboy meant most of your skins look alike. Nonetheless, I missed this one a month ago but I'm glad I found it now. Very nice. A little different and more usable (for me, anyway) than your other stuff. Great work.

Thu, May 27th at 05:41am (13 years ago)
N12TurboZ says:

Nice colors, the text is clear and easily readable, all buttons are clear and visible, no clutter in this skin. I like the shapes of the skin, they are very well-defined, logical, good-looking and practical. Very nice!

Tue, Jun 20th at 01:39am (11 years ago)

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Created by zrco
on April 28th, 2004


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