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Winamp 2.x Skins / Mac OS X v1.5 (Graphite)

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Artist's Note

After doing my Winamp X skin, I wanted to do one that looked even more like the Mac OS X Aqua style. So I did Mac OS X, it looked a lot closer to the Aqua interface, but still wasn't like I wanted it to be. After Apple released OS X 10.2 (Jaguar), I started work on this skin, on which I resumed work a few months later. Now, it's ready to be used, and I hope you like this Graphite version as much as I do.

Comments (12)


Amazing!.. so you are one of the originals who started the winamp aqua thing huh..... pretty slick

Wed, Feb 26th at 09:47pm (14 years ago)
DeeLight says:

If you downloaded this skin before I posted this comment, re-download it, as the WindowShade Equalizer and Minibrowser were not updated from Aqua to Graphite.

Wed, Feb 26th at 03:27pm (14 years ago)
Plex says:

This is what I'm talking about

Wed, Feb 26th at 03:59pm (14 years ago)
priceed says:

You're the same one who did Winamp X? That's one of my favorite WA2 skins of all time. These look pretty sweet too. Nice work & good luck fighting off apple lawyers!

Wed, Feb 26th at 04:53pm (14 years ago)

Mmm nice tracks in the playlist.

Thu, Feb 27th at 03:26am (14 years ago)
gear says:

Although I don't generally go nuts over anything Aqua, this is one damn smooth skin. Good work.

Thu, Feb 27th at 08:45am (14 years ago)
Packy says:

This is really slick, thanks! I'm not much of a Mac fan but I love the interface :)

Wed, Mar 5th at 12:13am (14 years ago)
rabidcow says:

this is the most beautiful skin ive ever seen, man. well done job. frickin beautiful.

Thu, Jul 24th at 06:22pm (14 years ago)

pretty good. i'd use it.

Tue, Aug 26th at 10:19pm (14 years ago)
Jahoba says:

i found my skin

Fri, Apr 23rd at 02:15pm (13 years ago)
PUNAkani says:

Nice dude... you should do the AVS and video screens allso ^^

Wed, Nov 24th at 09:33pm (13 years ago)
biftek. says:

The scan lines seem a bit to intense.
They're to big.
Other than that it's very nice.

I'm loving your music choice though.

Sun, May 28th at 06:42pm (11 years ago)

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Created by DeeLight
on February 26th, 2003


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