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Winamp 2.x Skins / Dominion

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Artist's Note

A skins that I started a while ago and finished today

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Can't argue with this...makes the vs a more complete package.

Fri, Feb 21st at 03:50pm (14 years ago)
LTD says:

This matches your dominion theme perfectly. Nice work, as usual.
Can't say much more.

Fri, Feb 21st at 02:45pm (14 years ago)
hermik says:

nice one too, though I got the same problem with it as with the SmoothStripes Skin - the objects (mainly in main window) seem kind standing alone

Fri, Feb 21st at 02:54pm (14 years ago)
imtoomuch says:

great skin. I don't usually like all grey skins but this is nice. good work. :)

Fri, Feb 21st at 04:28pm (14 years ago)

i like this

Fri, Feb 21st at 09:18pm (14 years ago)

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