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Artist's Note

Finaly Im done with it . This is my first skin ever made , and I dont think Ill be back to skinning anytime soon ( who knows : ) ) , enjoy.

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Ok, after a great deal of thinking, this skin has been granted #1. Its the most amazing skin ive ever seen for wa2, well, at least in a long time. Simply stunning detail!

Thu, Feb 28th at 09:34am (15 years ago)
doja says:


Sun, Feb 24th at 12:40pm (15 years ago)


Sun, Feb 24th at 12:46pm (15 years ago)
jawz says:

Wow...this is poetry. Very well done.

Sun, Feb 24th at 01:37pm (15 years ago)
dephunked says:


Sun, Feb 24th at 01:42pm (15 years ago)
Pudicio says:

Very very nice

Sun, Feb 24th at 02:16pm (15 years ago)
Frost says:

beautiful! magnificent

Sun, Feb 24th at 02:22pm (15 years ago)
skyliner says:

Well, it's nice.. but not worth 100. It's too much 'gradient', I prefer a more clean look. But if this really is your first skin ever you sure got talent. Another thing, in minimized mode the playlist buttons are too small, atleast in 1280x1024 (on a 19")

Sun, Feb 24th at 03:52pm (15 years ago)
Lynkx says:

Question, how do i skin wmp with .zips? usually i just double click the .wsz or whatever, but i don`t know what to do with all the files in the .zips :/

Mon, Feb 25th at 01:00am (15 years ago)
ryan241 says:

stick the zip in the skins folder, that's it

Mon, Feb 25th at 02:19am (15 years ago)
Arznek says:

this is like the first 100 i've given.... absolutely perfect... i love the volume!!!!! perfect man!

Mon, Feb 25th at 11:23am (15 years ago)

I spent a good long time sliding the volume bar back and forth. Like visual crack, it is. Excellent work.

Mon, Feb 25th at 02:51pm (15 years ago)

Outstanding work.

Tue, Feb 26th at 07:10am (15 years ago)
Koga says:

Make it for v3 :P Great work

Tue, Feb 26th at 05:21pm (15 years ago)

i dont really see why everyone likes this so much.............. the colours suck....
detailed yes.... but .. it doesnt go with anything....

Wed, Feb 27th at 12:15am (15 years ago)
Dsd says:

damn your talent

Wed, Feb 27th at 06:07am (15 years ago)
kmr says:

Volume is great. Very detailed. No minibrowser and avs tho.

Wed, Feb 27th at 08:02am (15 years ago)
rkenshin says:

It goes with lots of stuff Linux, but you apparently can't seem to find anything. The colors are genious because their nasty, yet are used extremely well. They don't cater to you. Maybe we should take it down just for you Linux because you think it sucks. =)

Wed, Feb 27th at 08:54am (15 years ago)
elusive says:

Very nice, you just set the new standard for skins to be produced.

Fri, Mar 15th at 04:43pm (15 years ago)
states says:

is the very good work

Mon, Mar 18th at 07:23pm (15 years ago)
jazzmannc says:

Wow! Whether this was your first or not, it rocks!

Tue, Mar 19th at 11:18am (15 years ago)
zoRnik says:

well done

Sun, May 19th at 02:05pm (15 years ago)
L3VI says:


Thu, May 30th at 09:15pm (15 years ago)
bikerboy says:

This is kewl, also I really like the colors used here.

Sun, Jun 30th at 09:02am (15 years ago)
vorph says:

great work but what I dont like is
when the artwork gets more attention than the usability...

most skinners forget that it is a mp3 player not a toy ... on this one you need some seconds before you press the right button ;-)

for the artwork: excellent

Tue, Jul 2nd at 06:35am (15 years ago)
whody says:


Sat, Nov 9th at 11:20pm (15 years ago)
Ainan says:

Clean and sexy!

Gotta have, gotta have!!!!

Wed, Nov 27th at 02:45am (15 years ago)
jevajee says:

...............its beauty.....
but how do i bleive itsss ur first skin...
winamp could go that romantic ... never thought like it.its beautifull ...but do review it again and we ll have beter then better...

Tue, Jan 14th at 04:49pm (15 years ago)
sekhmet says:

Dear God - an orgasm in computer form!

Sat, Feb 1st at 07:31pm (14 years ago)
zwylle says:

Just downloaded this skin because I was curious to have a closer look at number one.
I have downloaded quite a few in the last 2 months and some were really nice.
But: This one is so amazing. The screenshot wouldnt do it justice!
Wonderful animations and still easy to use.
You are my hero.

Mon, Jun 9th at 10:18pm (14 years ago)

awesome detail

Sun, Aug 24th at 07:24pm (14 years ago)

nice skin but not really my taste

if there is someone who makes skins on request then plzzzzzzz write to my mail have been looking 4 a cool skin 4 ages and havent found enyone i like :( so plzz write me at

Thu, Sep 4th at 04:35pm (14 years ago)
Bluewolf says:

sweet looks, but i still don't like the layout =p oh yah 1 thing - playlist rollover buttons are hard to read.
ps- i swear this skin makes the music better

Fri, Sep 19th at 07:13pm (14 years ago)
eli2k says:

Yes, it's full of detail, but sometimes there's too much detail. It would be great if you could provide a lighter colored version, in blue/light blue.

Tue, Oct 7th at 09:14pm (14 years ago)
Chriszuma says:

Damnit man, now i have to mop the drool out of my keyboard!

Sat, Jan 31st at 11:29am (13 years ago)
bigs_7_5 says:

how do u put it in yur skinz folder???

Wed, Oct 5th at 01:28am (12 years ago)

Very nice skin, and fantastic tracklist. ;)

Thu, Jul 20th at 11:08pm (11 years ago)

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