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Winamp 1.x Skins / GAIA08 CD Art Display

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Artist's Note

This is the updated version.

CD Art Display to match the other GAIA 2008 submissions.
Comes with:
*3 styles, and
*a bonus fullscreen (use it as a screensaver or on your HD-TV/Media Center to display song info)

*btw, CAD will work with AlbumPlayer, Helium Music Manager, iTunes, Winamp, Windows Media Player, MediaMonkey and partially supports qmp, MP3Toys, musikCube and foobar2000 (Winamp API Emulator plugin).


Comments (14)

reb70 says:

Great work.

Thu, Oct 2nd at 12:14pm (9 years ago)

Nice job man. looks sweet. Dig the fullscreen version as well. Bonus!

Thu, Oct 2nd at 02:28pm (9 years ago)
kowic says:

this is great...*FAV*
really great

Thu, Oct 2nd at 03:14pm (9 years ago)

thanks you guys :)

Thu, Oct 2nd at 03:36pm (9 years ago)

Hey I just noticed, thanks for the co-author on this.
Mang did all the hard work though, I just got it started :D

Thu, Oct 2nd at 07:25pm (9 years ago)
umei says:

Loveeee this. ;D

Thu, Oct 2nd at 07:30pm (9 years ago)

@pjdark: thanks man:)
@jg: you basicaly did the original though, so credit should be given ;)
@umei: thanks :D

Thu, Oct 2nd at 08:06pm (9 years ago)

just one character of the album title was showing, when I checked the config it was limited to 4 characters? was that your intention.

Apart from that great skin

Thu, Oct 2nd at 11:06pm (9 years ago)

well on second thoughts its probably just because i was an older beta of CAD, works alright now ;)

Thu, Oct 2nd at 11:23pm (9 years ago)
Acona says:

how to instal?

Fri, Oct 3rd at 12:50pm (9 years ago)

@albinoasian: lol glad it worked out okay :)
@acona: you need the latest version on CAD:

Fri, Oct 3rd at 05:35pm (9 years ago)
raoul says:

Simply, wow :P

Mon, Oct 6th at 12:45am (9 years ago)

thanks :D

Tue, Oct 7th at 01:31am (9 years ago)
Aiden says:

help me please how to install it...it's very nice!

Sat, Nov 6th at 03:06pm (7 years ago)

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Created by mangosango
and jg-visuals
on October 2nd, 2008


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