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An old experiment, there isn't much of an idea behind it, just fooling around with Bryce. I think I did some cool effects that don't look like they are done in Bryce but in post prod. (which is not the case here).

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its pretty nice and original, but AGH THE COLRS! IT BURNS! :P

try to get some mellower colors, purple and pink are way too sharp, and they look corny too.

Thu, Nov 15th at 07:32am (16 years ago)
Metroid64 says:

After looking for a few more seconds after first glance...I realized it's more original than most stuff out there....nice setting. Maybe a little less pinkish and purples.

Thu, Nov 15th at 01:28am (16 years ago)

holy fuschia! but yeah, original!

Thu, Nov 15th at 08:31am (16 years ago)
Amigo609 says:

original, nice design

Thu, Nov 15th at 11:57am (16 years ago)

Ah, floating silver girl being ravished by a maraschino cherry. I love the classics. Colors are kind of extreme for prolonged viewing, but otherwise pretty good. Nice textures on walls and rock. A plus to leave the poetry out of this one

Fri, Nov 16th at 08:53pm (16 years ago)
pynipple says:

very nice - I haven't seen a bad one from cybercrash so far ... I always look forward to finding one of his/hers

Sun, Nov 13th at 07:34pm (12 years ago)

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Created by cybercrash
on November 14th, 2001


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