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Artist's Note

Another Heave intense wallpaper here.... I promice i'll start building some "lighter" themes as soon as i get the time :-)

Tell me what you think people. Thanks in advance


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Comments (7)

Jbunti says:

Nice one.
But what about a 1280*1024 Version?

Tue, Oct 23rd at 07:42am (16 years ago)

I just want to say I really dig your handle..."Sunrider" I really like this wp (even though it falls into the exploding 3d max object w/ text, logos etc category.....) but it's very, very nicely done. How bout a bigger one, please?

Tue, Oct 23rd at 09:15am (16 years ago)
Project says:

very nice...

Tue, Oct 23rd at 10:01am (16 years ago)
Sunrider says:

Linus ... i know man but ... my pc will go on fire trust me lol sometimes the filesizes get huge and so i keep waitting and waitting and ...

Freeborn ellhnas? bravo ! thanks mate gia ta kala soy logia. Keep rocking



Tue, Oct 23rd at 10:35am (16 years ago)
linus says:

ehm, you can still create a 1280 version no matter what resolution you are using.

Tue, Oct 23rd at 11:26am (16 years ago)
lnska says:

Nice work! Love the really bright spots in your stuff. Your site is great too!

Tue, Oct 23rd at 12:29pm (16 years ago)
freeb0rn says:

very good work. hol.gr are you greek? if so, gia re megale, kai foberh doulia!

Wed, Oct 24th at 09:03am (16 years ago)

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Created by Sunrider
on October 23rd, 2001


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