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Artist's Note

Fully modeled and rendered by myself. I created this with the intent to give a go at modeling a state of consciousness. Particularly the state of consciousness just before enlightenment. I created this some time ago .. tho I am inspired to give it another attempt. I figured I would post this one first tho.


Fedr0 says:

Wonderful, too bad I have to use my girlfriend picture as wallpaper! She'd kill me if I display something else... :)

Mon, Oct 8th at 03:02am (16 years ago)
ekzibit says:

Why dont you submit your wp Fedro? :D

Minus, that piece is pretty intruiging. Although theres nothing stopping you from improving on your next attempt, this one is missing substance i cant explain.

Mon, Oct 8th at 07:33am (16 years ago)

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Created by minus
on October 8th, 2001


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