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Artist's Note

1 week of work. i got quite a bit of praise for this one from hypertron. thanks to him for being a constant source of inspiration for me. same goes to kalle everland and per gustafson [for this one]. please give me some comments and grading on this bitch. thanks_

Comments (123)

merkurixx says:

that is absolutely beautiful. you got a lot of praise because this a 99% flawless piece. keep this up and you will soon be god and have 7 billion followers. only thing i don't like - and this is a very very small gripe - is all the text in the lower left.

Sat, Oct 6th at 10:56pm (16 years ago)
pingpro says:

Sweeeet :)

Sat, Oct 6th at 11:54pm (16 years ago)
ether says:

lord almighty, i nearly wet my pants.

Sun, Oct 7th at 12:15am (16 years ago)
onepoint says:

great work

Sun, Oct 7th at 12:39am (16 years ago)
Fenrir says:

Jeeeez, Awsome.

Sun, Oct 7th at 12:49am (16 years ago)
KrazyCelt says:

*low whistle* daaamn .. impressive. flawless victory

Sun, Oct 7th at 02:01am (16 years ago)
Demannu says:

Now this is what this site should be about. No crap, just pure strong art. It everyone was to submit something like this, this would be the best site on the net.

Nice Job!!!

I hope that someday I get the same respect for my work.. I guess I'll have to submit it with more respect, later on.

Nice work. How many layers.....?????

Sun, Oct 7th at 02:16am (16 years ago)

wowy zowy, super great work man

Sun, Oct 7th at 02:19am (16 years ago)


Sun, Oct 7th at 02:24am (16 years ago)
fohkus says:

i really like your style.. keep up with the 1600x1200 res's :)

Sun, Oct 7th at 02:37am (16 years ago)
shr00m says:

holy shit..that is the mother of god of all shitz =P how can one even think of shit like that..u got mad talent dude..great work!

Sun, Oct 7th at 03:27am (16 years ago)
Tieger says:


Sun, Oct 7th at 04:18am (16 years ago)
ekzibit says:

Yes, it is great work.

Sun, Oct 7th at 04:25am (16 years ago)
chip7 says:

Everything has already been said, so i'll just put up my score! :-)

Sun, Oct 7th at 07:08am (16 years ago)
shinter says:

amazing..looks so damn nice.dark,deep,aggressive, with violent lights..lovley.great abstract work trajik.

Sun, Oct 7th at 08:27am (16 years ago)
faders says:

matrix-like deep blue colours, the tenticles are great. though i belive there's no such thing as perfection, you've come godamn close.

Sun, Oct 7th at 09:20am (16 years ago)
feverish says:

WOW!!! I love it beyond belief

Sun, Oct 7th at 10:04am (16 years ago)
KudoYouji says:

Amazing work here

Sun, Oct 7th at 12:04pm (16 years ago)

dark blue, abstract, million layers of clutter. this is what I was talking about, static5. If I hadn't seen any dark blue, abstract, million layers of clutter wps before, maybe I'd give this 95, but when there's 10-15 of these wps added to custo every week, my yawn factor goes way up after the first 70 or 80

Sun, Oct 7th at 03:46pm (16 years ago)
ekoshyun says:

Jesus... this is more complex than RETRY.. Very Sick indeed...

Sun, Oct 7th at 04:10pm (16 years ago)

[french accent] beautiful, simply beautiful [/french accent]

Sun, Oct 7th at 05:12pm (16 years ago)
jimcox says:

if you dont earn a living from this stuff you must be damn ggood at your day job!

Sun, Oct 7th at 08:46pm (16 years ago)
Anacific says:

I don't usually give 100 but this is just amazing :33k:

Sun, Oct 7th at 10:35pm (16 years ago)
str1der says:

what can i say? awesome

Mon, Oct 8th at 02:44am (16 years ago)
Lithox says:

Awesome. Comparing it to Shinter and other people though.... The 3D on top of lines and atmospheres has been done. Keep plugging!!

Mon, Oct 8th at 06:51pm (16 years ago)
hypertron says:

already gave you most of my comments on aim... fuckin good job

Mon, Oct 8th at 08:41pm (16 years ago)

bickety bang.

Tue, Oct 9th at 05:37pm (16 years ago)

This is incredible work. Nearly worth a 100. I prefer no text whatsoever on mine - but this definitely deserves 100.

Tue, Oct 9th at 11:42pm (16 years ago)
CyberJaG says:


Wed, Oct 10th at 01:13pm (16 years ago)
jÍse says:

Oh my god!

Mon, Oct 15th at 04:07am (16 years ago)
ck1 says:

man, very impressive design, layout is perfect.

one of the best wp/s i've seen ever. :)

Thu, Oct 18th at 01:02am (16 years ago)
xpedition says:

Beautiful indeed.
/me bows down.

Thu, Oct 18th at 01:21am (16 years ago)

cool, but lose all the text, looks horrid. then i'd use it as a wallpaper.

Thu, Oct 18th at 04:47am (16 years ago)
anopheles says:

......holy shit!....good work!

Mon, Oct 22nd at 06:04pm (16 years ago)

woah...groovy extreme

Tue, Oct 23rd at 07:08pm (16 years ago)
deezaster says:

Excellant work... Just WOWED!!

Fri, Oct 26th at 02:27pm (16 years ago)
endz says:

damn good work.. What programs were used?

Sun, Oct 28th at 01:26am (16 years ago)
phootek says:

Woaw!!!! GROOOOOOOOVY!!!! :D

Sun, Oct 28th at 03:20pm (16 years ago)

Dis is the shiznit. Worthy of my desktop.

Mon, Nov 5th at 04:26pm (16 years ago)
shAzb0t says:

no comment. just awesome.

Tue, Nov 6th at 08:16pm (16 years ago)

it's 100% trendy but technically DAZZLING, keep it up

Thu, Nov 15th at 11:56am (16 years ago)


Fri, Nov 16th at 08:57pm (16 years ago)
elf says:

Sweet job man. Yet nothing is perfect. Amazing work

Fri, Nov 16th at 09:37pm (16 years ago)
przbubba says:


Tue, Nov 20th at 03:40pm (16 years ago)

A very original and unique peice. Although the crosses/+ keep your attention away from the main part of the image. It is an overall great peice. Exellent work!

Mon, Nov 26th at 08:40pm (16 years ago)
Ebe says:


Sat, Dec 8th at 12:23am (16 years ago)
paroxysm says:

easily the best wall i've seen since joining this site. hats off!

Sun, Dec 9th at 07:55am (16 years ago)

cool as hell man this should be number one!!!!!

Sun, Dec 9th at 02:09pm (16 years ago)
XtaCide says:

WOW nice :)

Fri, Dec 14th at 04:21pm (16 years ago)
Jonno says:

Whoa :O

Sat, Jan 26th at 05:55am (15 years ago)

I think this is magnificent. I don't really like it as a wallpaper, but the image is just absolutely beautiful.

I wish I could make things like that - I'm so jealous!

Sat, Jan 26th at 06:03pm (15 years ago)

Awesome depth and understanding, definately one of my personal faves! How d'ya make stuff so cool?

Thu, Jan 31st at 07:21am (15 years ago)

Pretty cool.. too bad my monitor isn't good enough to handle this bad boy :P

Sun, Feb 3rd at 10:21pm (15 years ago)

Overdone abstraction and a bad attempt at making the style of that abstraction. Also you put those rectangle things shooting up out of the "organic" looking thing which doesn't flow well at all. It ruined your object. The colors however ARE nice. It is dark and pleasing to your eyes. I would like to know what's with the sliced/shifted 5? What is the significance of that? What does it mean? The moment we start asking ourselves these questions as designers, is the moment we stop making worthless pieces. Some of the legibility of the text is getting lost on the left as well. Also too many fonts are used. I'm counting at least 4, maybe 5 but I can't read the small print. Another overused and bad idea. It's getting as annoying as a lens flare now. It has a purpose, like the lens flare, just doesn't belong in this image. This image is quite full of detail though which makes it interesting enough to look at for a while. So I guess mission accomplished you got an audience. The problem is, you're sending them away less intelligent. There's no point or meaning for some of what is in this piece. I've given my fair share of good ratings for stuff like this. Now I'm getting sick of seeing the same meaningless stuff. I don't even spend as much time looking at this stuff as I used to. boooooring..... next.

Sat, Feb 16th at 10:18am (15 years ago)
Sephiros says:

awwwwwwww !
1 of the nicest thing I've ever seen !

Sat, Feb 16th at 02:43pm (15 years ago)
Mazhar says:

Great Look

Sat, Mar 9th at 01:26am (15 years ago)
flarek says:

# 5 is split i think thats gay but yea good job

Fri, Mar 15th at 01:03pm (15 years ago)
djwon says:

i see a little jealousy here, lucidphoenix

Fri, Mar 29th at 06:15pm (15 years ago)
GizmoToy says:

Awesome work Trajik, amazing graphical texture. It's very appealing to the eye! Fantastic! Now, Lucid, djwon is very right. Your giving the impression that your very jealous of his artistic abilities! Especially the number of comments that people have givin your work, as compared to the number of comments that this peice of artwork has recieved, and deserves. Your artwork "Birth Of the Phoenix" is drastically inferior compaired to this work. You say that this peice is 'boring' yet your art work is a bird flying out of a stream of light..., and then another piece work, Savior. Savior is extremely horrible to the human eye. Don't get me wrong, the background is astoundingly fasinating, yet you ruined the picture with a whore in the front with her legs wide open! .......

Wed, Apr 10th at 01:35pm (15 years ago)
r00p says:

what can i say, it rules...

Tue, Apr 16th at 06:28pm (15 years ago)
vorteXt says:

This shit Rocks from the top..Wh00t Nice..

Wed, Apr 17th at 08:57am (15 years ago)
Rufus007 says:

Beautifully Ugly.

Sun, Jun 16th at 05:15pm (15 years ago)
Sw1tched says:

Rufus are u fucken gay? yes u are

Sun, Jun 16th at 05:37pm (15 years ago)

i think rufus007 is gay too he made fun of alot of the best wallpapers

[]Deace l8ter dayz

Thu, Jun 27th at 12:08pm (15 years ago)

RUFUS is a []D []_[] $ $ Y

Wed, Jul 3rd at 04:41pm (15 years ago)
adams22 says:


Fri, Jul 19th at 01:19am (15 years ago)
trey_ says:

its cool, but the basic layout of it reminds me of so many other pictures ive seen

Sun, Jul 21st at 10:47pm (15 years ago)
Sunjammer says:

Damn I like this wallpaper!

Mon, Jul 22nd at 04:08am (15 years ago)

I just shitted my pants... this is GREAT!!!

Mon, Jul 29th at 07:11pm (15 years ago)


Fri, Aug 16th at 01:53am (15 years ago)

45 degree angles and grids chafe my nuts.. other than that, an incredible piece of art.. truly somthing to be proud of.


Tue, Sep 3rd at 05:39pm (15 years ago)

holy shit that is sexy

Fri, Nov 1st at 01:28pm (15 years ago)

Un fuckin real m8ty

Tue, Nov 12th at 07:52pm (15 years ago)

OMG, FIX THE BAD LINK I WANT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sat, Nov 16th at 04:09pm (15 years ago)
Aeromus says:

NICE! I like it a lot doesn't match my style though :)

Wed, Jan 1st at 06:55pm (15 years ago)
jevajee says:

lovely colors... great job done in style.
its human brain can't figure it..

Tue, Jan 14th at 05:55pm (15 years ago)

By fare the best wallpaper I have ever seen. I mean at first it seems busy, but when you really see how well it works with other themes, damn its great. Futrusitic eye candy, perfect.

Sat, Feb 1st at 10:44am (14 years ago)
jneuse says:

don't know what the fuk its meant to be.....but it is now my desktop-------->good work!

Sat, Feb 8th at 09:17pm (14 years ago)

Good work, perfect piece.

Mon, Feb 10th at 05:25am (14 years ago)
vorphax says:

With all this good comments I only have to say, GOOD WORK MAN! Tkx for sharing this kind of work! :)

Tue, Feb 11th at 12:28pm (14 years ago)
wantedkid says:

hell ya this the best 1 i send i make thing that that but not ass good

Fri, Mar 7th at 06:11pm (14 years ago)
Stego says:

boh yo te gano yo lo hago mejon xD

Sun, Mar 9th at 06:30am (14 years ago)
taurus80 says:

This is to LucidPhoenix:
I think you should shut up you stupid gay ass fuck. You think you can anything about design? The sliced five, and there is a six to, (and the word "engage") wich means its some sort of countdown you sloppy dick. FU! Go and take your skills to daddy and let him work on you and your ass.

Tue, Mar 11th at 10:21pm (14 years ago)
awazz says:

EXcellent!! this is a very cool StuFf!!!

Tue, Mar 25th at 09:30pm (14 years ago)
tuffgrime says:

thats some interesting work... you should try another, newer version.. this one is kind of old lookin'

Sat, Mar 29th at 06:44pm (14 years ago)
ICA says:

its 100 , yep !

Sun, Apr 20th at 04:50am (14 years ago)
Fission says:

Very nice. I don't like the text all that much, but its not like it's THAT big of a deal since it's on my desktop and all. At first glance I thought it sucked alot. Then when I kept looking at it for a while I was somewhat in-tranced and started seeing all the 2d effects that my friend (who told me about this website) pointed out to me and I started liking it more and more. Although LucidPhoenix is right about the rectangles out of the 3d thing taking away from your peice it's overall value is fantastic. I wish you would make more stuff like this for us to marvel at. Keep up the good work.

Fri, Apr 25th at 12:21am (14 years ago)
blazefast says:

thats the sweetest thing ive ever seen

Tue, May 20th at 06:26pm (14 years ago)

the colors make it even more of an aggressive piece.... victory is upon you hahaha

Sat, Jun 21st at 05:26pm (14 years ago)

cmon' these are all the same...an explosion from one focal point with colors.. some words and effects....lets get more origona l:)...not that i dont like it though :)..

Sun, Jul 6th at 02:08pm (14 years ago)

cool lookin wallpaper its like so 3d-ish nd itz dope..!!

Wed, Jul 9th at 02:45pm (14 years ago)
trajik says:

uhhh... hey guys... note that this wallpaper was made 2 years ago before you flame it, thanks ;(

Wed, Jul 9th at 08:01pm (14 years ago)
prototype says:

rufus, lucidphoenix and anoweherekid are idiots..

Wed, Aug 6th at 06:55pm (14 years ago)

the shiznit

Sun, Aug 24th at 01:33pm (14 years ago)
TeddyX says:

Good pic

Thu, Sep 4th at 03:38am (14 years ago)
Malakai says:

Absolute best wallpaper on the site.

Sun, Oct 19th at 09:15am (14 years ago)

.........i cant think of a word good enough to explain it

Wed, Oct 29th at 04:09pm (14 years ago)

anyone who gives this any lower than a 59.....I DONT WANNA KNOW WAT THEY R SMOKIN!!! great pic man!!!

Thu, Nov 6th at 05:17pm (14 years ago)

96 ? you deserve a 200 boss!

Fri, Dec 12th at 10:23pm (14 years ago)

I have to agree -- seen it!

Tue, Jan 6th at 09:56pm (14 years ago)
septor says:


Tue, Feb 24th at 09:55pm (13 years ago)

wow!!!!!!!! That is by far the coolest wall paper on this site! 45000 thumbs up!

Tue, Jun 1st at 10:05am (13 years ago)
ac7v says:

Damn... I have to say this is my favorite so far!

Sun, Jun 27th at 03:06am (13 years ago)
dan29dfsp says:

Details, details, details....vvvveeery nice. eh, wouldn't use it though, but good nonetheless

Sun, Jun 27th at 12:53pm (13 years ago)
Amadiro says:


Tue, Jul 20th at 10:39pm (13 years ago)
Trashed says:

I just signed up an i wanted to ask with what program u made this..by the way GREAT WORK THIS ROXX

Thu, Jul 22nd at 06:12am (13 years ago)
Keredosai says:

My god man!! Where do get so much skillz!? Next to a Mecha-Sonic desktop i seen about a year ago this has got to be the coolest thing i've ever seen on the net... take a bow dude...

Fri, Aug 6th at 04:10pm (13 years ago)
lil R says:

yo man thats way sick, nice man you must have a crazy mind well i like it man and it is the coolest thing i have seen in this whole web man ...stay ROCKING...

Sat, Aug 14th at 07:35pm (13 years ago)
z3r0c0ol says:

between you and shadowness i have a hard chosing..greta wp and cant wait to see more things to come from you :)

Tue, Sep 7th at 11:57am (13 years ago)

hey i love your work and ive seen your other stuff but nothing comes close to this peice! keep on bringing in the good stuff

Thu, Sep 23rd at 08:09am (13 years ago)

I think the brightness of the blue light blends well with the dim surrounding

Wed, Oct 20th at 11:25am (13 years ago)
maxinatoR says:

really good stuff ^_^

Thu, Nov 25th at 07:11pm (13 years ago)
burnmaker says:

wtf is this there are soooo many better wallpapers out there...but u can c that he put alotta time into it ...

Wed, Dec 22nd at 04:09am (13 years ago)
Mong00se says:

I've used it before, and I'll use it again. Very nice. It blends well.

Wed, Feb 2nd at 11:02am (12 years ago)
SubZRo says:

awesome! thx :)

Mon, Mar 28th at 03:32pm (12 years ago)
jackson says:

i love it but i agree with some before the text in the lower left does bug me

Tue, Apr 12th at 01:46pm (12 years ago)

wholy fucking shit... i love this piece, i hope i get to be this good some day. I really just do photoshop on my own time, but i hope i get this good in college... oh man

everything is just so CLEAR. and i love the font.. whats it called?

Tue, Jun 7th at 08:34am (12 years ago)

thats really cool

Wed, Jul 13th at 02:15pm (12 years ago)

I'm very very impressed. That takes skill.

Wed, Oct 19th at 09:39pm (12 years ago)
saajid says:

this is a sik peice of work how do you make it!!! ive been trying for a couple of months i realy need 2 no!

Sun, Mar 5th at 02:08pm (11 years ago)
emo_neo says:


Tue, Oct 24th at 06:34pm (11 years ago)

OMG it is so awesome!! keep it up trajik ! *^_^*

Sat, Mar 24th at 09:04am (10 years ago)

i love you

Sun, Jul 29th at 07:07pm (10 years ago)

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Created by trajik
on October 6th, 2001


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