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Artist's Note

This is an image I'm working on for my girlfriend. She wanted something for her desktop involving moons, stars, shooting stars, comets, sparkly things, and whatever else I could make thats pretty. I added some sort of African plain just for scenery.

Comments (9)

ekzibit says:

Well, post it up again when you finalise it.
So far so good mate.

Thu, Sep 20th at 06:36am (16 years ago)

lookin pretty good thus far. might want to add some clouds around the moon, but thats just me ;)

Thu, Sep 20th at 08:03am (16 years ago)
KrazyCelt says:

i think it could use a garishly colored filter swirly in the middle of it :-P

Thu, Sep 20th at 09:30pm (16 years ago)
chip7 says:

some clouds and the shadow of a flying witch on the moon !! :-)


Fri, Sep 21st at 06:28am (16 years ago)
feverish says:

Aurrara? Definitately. Thats what you need... some green aurrara. repoast when you finish

Fri, Sep 21st at 08:07pm (16 years ago)
Liquisoft says:

Lots of Aurora Borealis in Africa...

Fri, Sep 21st at 10:06pm (16 years ago)
calebb says:

Too much bling bling on the stars; If you made the animals all unique (i.e., just one giraffe, or two close by), this could be a Noah's ark picture! (I'm sure they didn't get all the animals loaded up in 20 minutes...)

Tue, Jul 1st at 04:15am (14 years ago)
Delfin says:

I'm looking at your works, they're very good... but this is the best one... a great use of colour and of light... pictures perfectly a beautiful night and the shadows add mystery and originality. It's perfect.

Fri, Jun 25th at 11:46am (13 years ago)

thats awsome,
holy crap that will do so well as a desktop im working on for afi.........i wonder if i can use it if i give u credit...

Sat, Jun 11th at 04:13pm (12 years ago)

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Created by Liquisoft
on September 20th, 2001


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