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Artist's Note

well, quite a long description for this one.
Monday night, the moment before i fell asleep, one of my favorite moments of the day. the most inspirational of moments. when i see structures and images as they bleed into each other. i never stops the flow, or even hesitate to let it continue, i just let whatever image that wants to come in: in. that particular night with great thoughts. i wanted to try an put it onto a canvas. i started working the next morning. that day [tues] was the day of the great tragedy. i live in ny. many of my friends and even i lost friends and family in the collapse. I wondered, while in school, whether i still stuck in that moment before sleep. the whole situation seemed too unreal.
I chose the name 'hallucinogen' because that exactly what i and the rest of the city felt like they were on. some kind of chaotic hallucination.
ps: this piece took me 3 days to complete. after all of my work, i have to a convlusion that i dont care who calls me a trendwhore. i make this art for myself.

Comments (9)

chip7 says:

This is good. A little busy, but not too much !

Fri, Sep 14th at 06:48am (16 years ago)
jakek says:

Nice, but in my opinion too busy. simplicity rules

Fri, Sep 14th at 07:07am (16 years ago)
cReam says:

Greaaat wallpaper in fact so great Im using it as my wp.. atleast for now :)
The lighting in this piece really makes it stand out and adds a very unreal feal to it... Luv it... good work m8

Fri, Sep 14th at 07:08am (16 years ago)
gear says:

It's always best to make art for yourself, because theres too man reveiwers out there drinking Hatorade. Very nice piece.

Fri, Sep 14th at 07:30am (16 years ago)
fazukin says:

great piece of work. fuck the terrorists. they dont mean a thing

Fri, Sep 14th at 08:45am (16 years ago)
tripp says:

..you go trajik...just like me u make art for your own pleasure and you're not an applause whore.... thx for sharing the art man...great organization i think....

Fri, Sep 14th at 01:16pm (16 years ago)
Lithox says:

Could use a little bit of work, but the potential is there!!

Mon, Oct 8th at 06:57pm (16 years ago)
Aeromus says:

I'm not a very good artist, and this is better than I could do. I like it a lot, matches my style too :)

Wed, Jan 1st at 06:58pm (14 years ago)
Fission says:

I like this wallpaper alot. I really enjoy the ghostly effect of the grey's. Can't say I like the circular frame work much though man, sorry. But other then that it's a great peace of work. I like your Designer Notes as well, sorry to hear about your loss. Keep it real with your art. Theres only one person you'll ever fully please and that's yourself.

Thu, Apr 24th at 11:46pm (14 years ago)

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Created by trajik
on September 14th, 2001


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