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Wallpapers / Stare Into Death Version 2.5

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Artist's Note

ok this is the last version of this wp i promise :) ...i again listened to the wonderful suggestions from the customize.org community to make it a bit better...i smoothed out the top and bottom and sharpened the skull a tad...this should be my final release of this wp..thx again to all the great comments and suggestions....

Comments (8)

Fenrir says:

Very Nice. Amazing Work, Hope to see more from you soon.

Sun, Sep 9th at 10:07pm (16 years ago)
sadwings says:

Nice work.... Do you have one with the outer area of the "letterbox" just black?

Sun, Sep 9th at 10:57pm (16 years ago)
tripp says:

..thx for the constructive criticism guys...especially u liquisoft...heh....thx for the honesty

Sun, Sep 9th at 11:13pm (16 years ago)
FoodSTAMP says:

yah good one.
i like the details.

Sun, Sep 9th at 11:28pm (16 years ago)
Aero says:

pretty good...makes my eyes water =P

Mon, Sep 10th at 12:32am (16 years ago)
Liquisoft says:

Honestly, it looks like a bad use of clouds, chrome filters, polygonal lassos, and motion blurs. It doesn't seem to have any specific purpose, either. I don't mean to sound harsh, but I see a bit of talent that is not yet fully developed. I suggest practicing more with varying colors, and come up with some ideas and sketch them out on paper before turning them into digital finished products. Don't relly so much on filters to make a nice image. Rely on your knowledge of what filters can aid you with, and use them sparingly.

Mon, Sep 10th at 02:40am (16 years ago)

To quote The Continental: "Wowee wow wow wow". Very nice.

Mon, Sep 10th at 03:58pm (16 years ago)

A bit of talent? Come on... This is great work, and the artist has more talent than most around here.

Sun, Sep 16th at 02:37am (16 years ago)

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Created by tripp
on September 9th, 2001


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