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29.07.01 ---------- Influenced very heavily by Luke Yoo, of floodgear.com, this started as a parody.experiment of Luke's style, and I decided to make something of an homage out of it, while trying to add a little Fox flavour as well.

Comments (6)

iridium says:

Hrmm, nice and clean, and I like those crystals. Nice work fox.

Sun, Sep 9th at 04:52pm (16 years ago)
Roshi says:

i'm a little biased against mostly white backgrounds but that pink makes up for it. luscious and crisp.

Mon, Sep 10th at 01:26am (16 years ago)
arleetec says:

Uhhm I don't think Luke Yoo started this style. Though he does do a good job with it.

Tue, Sep 11th at 12:32am (16 years ago)

It's Mike Young who started it, I think.

Mon, Nov 5th at 01:10pm (16 years ago)
digifox says:

You guys are kind of missing the point here. I was influenced by Luke. His flavour of this trend. I didn't say he started the trend, but he does it well, and I was influenced by him specifically.

Tue, Nov 6th at 11:18pm (16 years ago)
Unlord says:

everybody here we've been influenced
at sometime in our misarable lifes©©
keep it up fox©

Wed, Nov 7th at 06:27am (16 years ago)

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Created by digifox
on September 9th, 2001


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