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Artist's Note

Another one of my color-themed desktops. Pantone No. 370 is used in this design.

Comments (14)

Girlietec says:

heh I'm still not sure why, but I love your colour wallpapers.

Fri, Aug 31st at 05:16pm (16 years ago)
DaX says:

Very cool layout. Not to loud or soft, very very cool.

Fri, Aug 31st at 06:02pm (16 years ago)
fishBLADE says:

Subtle, detailed, and trendy. Nice job.

Fri, Aug 31st at 06:18pm (16 years ago)
itirep says:

very nice-i like this one even better than the last...(which i thought was great)

Fri, Aug 31st at 06:27pm (16 years ago)
Jerome says:


Fri, Aug 31st at 06:30pm (16 years ago)

Great! I like this much more than the red one.

Fri, Aug 31st at 06:37pm (16 years ago)

your colored wallpapers look so neat.

Fri, Aug 31st at 07:35pm (16 years ago)

great work! love the colours, the style's great!

Fri, Aug 31st at 09:19pm (16 years ago)
precurser says:

this is probably one of the walls i love the most of yours man. the typo is great. very very good use of words and numbers.

Mon, Sep 3rd at 08:42am (16 years ago)
Blat says:

(95 + 96 +91 + 95 + 93 + 92 + 95 + 95) / 8 = 87.5 ??

yeah, so anyway, i like it. makes me mad that i can't do a good design, so i docked you five points just to be a prick.

Mon, Sep 3rd at 09:41am (16 years ago)
Liquisoft says:

I don't mean to sound like an ass, here, but COLOUR with a U is actually the correct way to spell the word. It has slowly become more Americanised (if thats a word) and has lost the U. Interesting bit of trivia for you all. ;)

Tue, Sep 4th at 05:30pm (16 years ago)
Irritant says:

I'm in Liquisoft's neighbourhood (!) on that one ;o)

Tue, Sep 4th at 07:05pm (16 years ago)
chesco says:

well colour, whatever it is

Wed, Sep 26th at 04:52pm (16 years ago)
KudoYouji says:

Awesome, better than the red one

Sat, Oct 6th at 05:40pm (16 years ago)

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Created by Liquisoft
on August 31st, 2001


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