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Artist's Note

A preview for the upcoming AMANA Suite which will come this month!

Full version here:


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Comments (21)

qslig says:

pretty cool, interesting to see the suite :)

Tue, Dec 18th at 11:24am (9 years ago)
noka says:

now this is something worth looking forward too. this looks great.

Tue, Dec 18th at 12:43pm (9 years ago)
naalo says:

90% Marius...

Great wall man, can't wait to get home and try it!

Tue, Dec 18th at 12:58pm (9 years ago)
fate0000 says:

Looks nice.

Tue, Dec 18th at 01:36pm (9 years ago)
Muelli22 says:

an AMANA Suite? ... that's the best news i've heard this month :]

Tue, Dec 18th at 01:48pm (9 years ago)
finch says:

Interesting....another great suite heading our way!

Tue, Dec 18th at 02:03pm (9 years ago)
Imrik says:

Thank you very much! It´s going to be one of my christmas presents for you...

Tue, Dec 18th at 03:06pm (9 years ago)
Enaml says:

Marius, will there be a guikit or anything for os x?

Tue, Dec 18th at 03:09pm (9 years ago)
mukei says:

Wonderful suite that I think everyone is waiting for. :)

Tue, Dec 18th at 03:16pm (9 years ago)
Imrik says:

Enaml, we are waiting for a new ShapeShifter and ThemePark release for Leopard. As soon as it´s out there will be more ports for Mac users.

Tue, Dec 18th at 03:18pm (9 years ago)
Enaml says:

I look forward to the Leopard release. Along with that, did you get my message Marius?

Also, it seems 4impressions is down. The link won't work, nor will the main site.

Tue, Dec 18th at 03:55pm (9 years ago)
Pyro_ says:

Well gosh darn is that snazzy, looking forward to the suite.

Tue, Dec 18th at 08:49pm (9 years ago)

Beautiful work Marius. I can't wait for the suite.

Tue, Dec 18th at 09:21pm (9 years ago)
BlakjaK says:

My most favorite of your recent subs! ;)

Tue, Dec 18th at 11:20pm (9 years ago)
nitzua says:

this is...different, and classy. a good sort of skewing from your normal stuff, while preserving some of the best elements you usually dwell upon. i like, i like.

Wed, Dec 19th at 12:09am (9 years ago)

Ich habe keine Ahnung, was das, sein soll.

Sun, Dec 23rd at 06:49pm (9 years ago)
Imrik says:

Das ist eine Treppe aus der Modern Tate in London. Doch habe ich sie einige Male kopiert und verändert ;)

Sun, Dec 30th at 02:32am (9 years ago)
Cesc says:

No more full version :(

Wed, Jan 16th at 12:41am (9 years ago)
nsthreed says:


Wed, Mar 19th at 01:17am (9 years ago)
Zenit says:

what happen with the full version?:(

Wed, Jun 10th at 07:48am (8 years ago)
untitled says:

If anyone finds the full version, could you please message me?

Mon, Jun 28th at 04:36am (7 years ago)

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Created by Imrik
and nsthreed
on December 18th, 2007


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