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Artist's Note

Recently my life has taken a turn for the better or worse. And i always wanted a bonsai tree, so i decided to make my desktop relaxing. Took me a couple of days on this wall. I hope you like.

Stock from: ravasolix @ sxc.hu
Other Stocks from sxc.hu

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Comments (18)

Pyro_ says:

Well, I love bonsai trees and also always wanted one. I very much like this, I might've hoped for a sharper direction. But, still it's awesome.

Mon, Nov 26th at 11:12pm (10 years ago)
pilot44 says:

thanks pyro, i re-uploaded them again now a bith sharper.

Tue, Nov 27th at 12:16am (10 years ago)
Pyro_ says:

Ahh, much better. :) And I'm glad you a included full screen version. 'Cause now after collecting a bunch of widescreens I'm back on a regular monitor lol.

Tue, Nov 27th at 01:22am (10 years ago)
motorist says:

Nice one ...

Tue, Nov 27th at 01:31am (10 years ago)
finch says:

This looks beautiful.

Tue, Nov 27th at 02:16am (10 years ago)

I love that song. :D and I love this wallpaper! coolness! I'm giving you my love!

Tue, Nov 27th at 10:38am (10 years ago)
Nunch says:

i'm loving this.
Hopefully things will be ok, hate to see you stop submitting stuff.

Tue, Nov 27th at 02:37pm (10 years ago)
pilot44 says:

thanks everyone for the comments, and Nunch i wont stop submitting work, the thing that happened is that the relationship of 2 years with my g/f ended. and as any man knows it sucks. so yeah. im just weary about things now.

Tue, Nov 27th at 03:01pm (10 years ago)
motorist says:

@pilot44: Don't worry about that ... now is the right time to get yourself a proper wife! =)

Tue, Nov 27th at 03:20pm (10 years ago)
_tension says:

I agree with Imrik. The artificial background shadow confines the desktop making it seem less natural. Very nice photo though.

Tue, Nov 27th at 03:47pm (10 years ago)
pilot44 says:

@motorist: well see happens, ima be 22 and i'm not looking for that yet. theres things in my life that i need to get together. and till that happens im not getting into any relationship

Tue, Nov 27th at 03:54pm (10 years ago)
motorist says:

@pilot44: "Smart moves rules!" ... Good luck friend.

Tue, Nov 27th at 04:36pm (10 years ago)
WillyT says:

I used to have a bonsai tree, I even submitted a picture of it! This is very nice though, I like it a lot! Also a quote "nothing that happens in life is worth getting upset about" -- The good things always outweigh the bad things!

Tue, Nov 27th at 07:33pm (10 years ago)
pilot44 says:

wow thanks WillyT thats a good quote. thanks for the comment.

Tue, Nov 27th at 07:44pm (10 years ago)
Thinker says:

That is awesome.

Thu, Nov 29th at 04:36pm (10 years ago)
Makkisan says:

This is a stunning piece of art indeed. Very nice, Thank you.

Sun, Dec 2nd at 09:58am (10 years ago)
mayluna says:

This is what i call a happely ever-after masterpiece.

I hope you will find inner-peace & keep surprising us with wallpapers like this one.

Sun, Dec 9th at 12:22pm (10 years ago)
plain-doh says:

I can't believe I missed this. Very good colors btw.

Sun, Dec 23rd at 07:39pm (10 years ago)

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Created by pilot44
on November 26th, 2007


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