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Artist's Note

This took me a while to do since i had done it before, but i had delted the stock images.
the original idea came from one of my fav. band Team sleep and this image:

i had to retrack the images i used to create the original i posted in deviant.
This time i included a full size
and cropped verison.

max res: 1920x1200

Comments welcome.

Comments (21)

m1n1mal says:

Amazing. Just like the ones on InterfaceLIFT, only a 100x better. Props for the decor you added.

Sat, Sep 1st at 08:31pm (10 years ago)
egolatra says:

ah i love this one, can i request a 1280*1024 version? if not, i'll crop it :D

Sat, Sep 1st at 08:32pm (10 years ago)
raoul says:

Truly lovely! Imma use this right now! :)

Sat, Sep 1st at 08:37pm (10 years ago)
pilot44 says:

haha thanks for the comments, ima update it cus theres a few minor things taht are bugging me...hmmm weird, i thought i deleted it.

Sat, Sep 1st at 08:50pm (10 years ago)
raoul says:

Cool, and yes, there's a weird bug with editing a sub. You have to change the name of the file, or the same one you had up earliar remains.

Sat, Sep 1st at 08:53pm (10 years ago)
pilot44 says:

sorry egolatra, you should crop it to your liking, cus i mtie get it diff.

Sat, Sep 1st at 09:00pm (10 years ago)
plain-doh says:

wonderful and very beautiful!

Sat, Sep 1st at 09:21pm (10 years ago)
Nunch says:

awesome picture, although i'm a little worried about that one rouge light veering off the road :/
but cool picture!

Sat, Sep 1st at 09:21pm (10 years ago)
SirWonkus says:

+ love.

love the trees and the smoothness of it all

Sat, Sep 1st at 10:03pm (10 years ago)
pilot44 says:

thank u Nunch, the first version it was more obvious, i kinda fixed it thou, thank u for the comments and love.

Sat, Sep 1st at 10:16pm (10 years ago)

I'm a sucker for these types of photos. loved srs

Sun, Sep 2nd at 12:28am (10 years ago)

the contrast of the peacefulness in the back and the business in the effects is very nice, but somehow the business ruins it for me. its like when i ever listen to beethoven, after a while i start to feel the nervousness in the music reach me and it makes me start to feel unsettled. so the same here.

but to each his own
ill give this a like :D

Sun, Sep 2nd at 01:54am (10 years ago)

I love this!

Sun, Sep 2nd at 06:40am (10 years ago)
Thinker says:

I'm with skyringbreath. I really like the contrast with the brushed background and the crazy looking foreground. It is amazing that the elements can seem so chaotic, yet so ordered.

Sun, Sep 2nd at 07:34am (10 years ago)
FrYouri says:

Very nice
Add on Guipulp.com

Sun, Sep 2nd at 12:30pm (10 years ago)
ParTKiD says:

So nice, so smooth.. Thanks.

Sun, Sep 2nd at 06:44pm (10 years ago)
nd0 says:

well this is clean. nice.

Sun, Sep 2nd at 11:23pm (10 years ago)
Pyro_ says:

Ohmygosh! Completely agreed with M1n.

Mon, Sep 3rd at 04:22pm (10 years ago)

this is absolutely amazing

Sun, Oct 7th at 12:33am (10 years ago)
Sinaan says:

Excellent work, I love the motion and the background just tops it off.

Sat, Oct 13th at 06:33pm (10 years ago)
glaz says:

Nice to see another Team Sleep fan out there!

Nice photos, btw.

Mon, Aug 4th at 04:36pm (9 years ago)

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Created by pilot44
on September 1st, 2007


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