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1400 x 1050 .jpg, second version. Any suggestions?

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jay_dee: let me know when you make something enjoyable. you're useless.

TeckWolf: point taken. I'll remove the clouds and fix the grass. I am also working on a version where he makes a shadow.

Sun, Oct 29th at 03:09pm (11 years ago)

you're kidding right?

Sun, Oct 29th at 06:49pm (11 years ago)
Nunch says:

Well, the object itself seems to be pretty simple. It's not exactly something I'd like on my desktop, or something I'd want to look at everytime I go on my computer. It's also pretty hard to customize around, but... hey if that's your cup or tea, than I'd say use it. If your submitting something here, keep in mine it's ment to be on someone's desktop. I'm not trying to sound mean or anything... just trying to be helpful. All I can advise is just to keep practicing, and you'll get better. EDIT: I wasn't telling him to change his style... just voicing an opinion. That's all...

Sun, Oct 29th at 08:20pm (11 years ago)

this is highly good, continue

Sun, Oct 29th at 08:21pm (11 years ago)
EnerJax says:

I like it, it's simplistic but it's DIFFERENT. It definitely breaks the mold of themeable or already themed desktops. This is object art. With that in mind you have created a somewhat unique piece of object art. A good way to do a second version of this would be to make your hamsterthing one color, duplicate it a couple times, make them smaller, and make a more stylized desktop rather than just a picture of something.

Reviewers: keep in mind that if someone is submitting something here, we benefit from their contributions, and develop more of a community for ourselves. Just because the piece doesn't fit your view of a good wallpaper doesn't mean you can advise an artist to change their style. What you can do is give some suggestions on how to improve their own style. Nuff said.

Sun, Oct 29th at 09:50pm (11 years ago)

oh wait its not minimalist so i have to bag the artist?

i agree with enerjax's comments, mindfeck

Mon, Oct 30th at 04:43am (11 years ago)
TH says:

haha this is great. good to see something that isnt so serious here :P

Mon, Oct 30th at 05:48am (11 years ago)
jay_dee says:


Tue, Oct 31st at 02:21am (11 years ago)
TeckWolf says:

Well it's good to finally check up on Customize and not see a "Wallpaper" that someone took in their backyard with their digital camera. But.... difference clouds? Yikes. Not bad other than that.

Tue, Oct 31st at 01:39pm (11 years ago)

Like a few said before, it's nice to see something completely different. The guinea piggy is very well done, in my opinion, but alas, that's where it ends for me.
Anyone with just a little bit of Photoshop experience can see this was made with the very, very basics of photoshop. I see the default grass brush, with a few different colors, a green'ish square behind the grass and differentiated cloud renders... This makes it so that I wouldn't want it to be on my desktop.
To be honest, I like the other upload better, with just the guineau pig and a clear background.
Personally, with the cartoonish figure of the guineau pig, I believe it "borrows" itself for a rather more cartoonish style, or a more minimalistic (as it seems to be called nowadays...?) style.

Tue, Oct 31st at 04:26pm (11 years ago)


Sat, Jun 23rd at 08:12am (10 years ago)

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Created by mindfeck41
on October 29th, 2006


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