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Nic dodac nic ujac :) Dla zdolowanych

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jay_dee says:

do you just google image search a random term, and then wack it onto a colour, and call it a wallpaper?

Fri, Aug 18th at 10:38pm (11 years ago)
slowave says:

This should be called "oy vey".

Fri, Aug 18th at 11:11pm (11 years ago)
uncleho says:

yes - i share concept, no graphics effects

Sat, Aug 19th at 05:14am (11 years ago)
Jetovich says:

Bro this is from "THE GREAT DEPRESSION IN THE U.S.A" not a meditation wallpaper

Sat, Feb 26th at 12:13pm (6 years ago)

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Created by uncleho
on August 18th, 2006


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