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Wallpapers / Better Together 2

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Artist's Note

A slight remake of one of my favorite personal wallpapers. I hope you enjoy.

Old one here:

1600 x 1200

Comments (9)


I like the style, its just so out of focus to really enjoy.

Sat, Aug 5th at 01:30am (11 years ago)
EnerJax says:

it is a little out of focus, but that adds to the surreal feeling of the piece

Fri, Aug 4th at 10:44pm (11 years ago)
scipioX says:

bad ass wall

Sat, Aug 5th at 12:59am (11 years ago)

the tire swing's rope is far too bold, it should match the focus of the tree and tire.

Sat, Aug 5th at 01:27am (11 years ago)
WillyT says:

I made everything out of focus on purpose, because the moon is so bright.

Sat, Aug 5th at 08:53am (11 years ago)
dmcconne says:

gotta luv jj..

Sat, Aug 5th at 01:17pm (11 years ago)
onepoint says:

it's really nice. the cloud/"out of focus" gives a real sense to the wall.

Sun, Aug 6th at 06:23pm (11 years ago)
mayluna says:

i like this one a lot .. moonovely.,

wallpaper of now

Tue, Dec 12th at 03:42am (10 years ago)


Sat, Dec 19th at 09:03am (7 years ago)

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