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Artist's Note

bored at work + photoshop + new interest in grunge textures and object art = wallpaper

inspired by J3's 20years.unite.consume wallpaper (for the organic qualities it has)

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that's a beautiful work

Wed, Jun 7th at 07:26pm (11 years ago)

It all looks really good except for the trail behind the fly. Nice colours and textures though.

Wed, Jun 7th at 02:32pm (11 years ago)
spnr says:

there is nothing i can say but wow!
then again, i would remove the trail from the fly, but maybe not. that only takes my initial rating of 1000 down to a 999, though...

Wed, Jun 7th at 09:43pm (11 years ago)
scooby says:

i dig it

Wed, Jun 7th at 11:36pm (11 years ago)
EnerJax says:

Without the trail and 1600x1200 ^_^

Thu, Jun 8th at 07:26am (11 years ago)
chris8519 says:

Perfection. Except I dont have a widescreen monitor, and lose some of the picture. Oh well! Time for me to upgrade!

Thu, Jun 8th at 07:07pm (11 years ago)
foremidas says:

probably the best wallpaper that i have seen. use of different mediums, a clash of organic and machine made elements. i really enjoy this - thank you enerjax

Fri, Jun 23rd at 11:45am (11 years ago)

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Created by EnerJax
on June 7th, 2006


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