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c&c please ;)

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you need to stop using brushes and start to making your own stuff too. nice composition overall :)

Tue, Apr 11th at 11:07pm (11 years ago)
kevinlau7 says:

Is nice, but maybe removing the "twizztdsignz" (or making it smaller) would be better

Tue, Apr 11th at 12:41pm (11 years ago)

Oh my god you are my idol i love green ... and orange

Tue, Apr 11th at 07:55pm (11 years ago)

It actually looks very, very good. I like the colours and shapes. Minus points for over-use of brushes though.

Wed, Apr 12th at 02:38pm (11 years ago)
radical says:

looks pretty good, yeah too much brushes

Wed, Apr 12th at 06:03pm (11 years ago)

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Created by twiZZt
on April 11th, 2006


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