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Artist's Note

Dual-display wall. 1st submission for the Black Ops theme I'm working on.
Used Photoshop for the textures and sky.
C4D for everything else (grass in Hair Dept).
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I don't know if cute is the right word, but that's what I'm going to call this. Well done.

Thu, Dec 1st at 05:46am (12 years ago)
nghiem says:

Wow. The details in this wallpaper are astounding. The textures and the sky look stunning. The grass is so realistic as well. Very nice work, Aerosol!

Wed, Nov 30th at 08:33pm (12 years ago)
VictorC says:

funny and pretty and nicely done.

Wed, Nov 30th at 09:09pm (12 years ago)
R I P says:

good to see dual display wp's :)

Wed, Nov 30th at 09:13pm (12 years ago)
- DioS - says:

five thumbs up AerosolFun: you can bet! i want 3 of that cropped with cheese and a big soda please :D

Wed, Nov 30th at 10:55pm (12 years ago)
ambulance says:

when i look at the statues they look large, but then when i look at the grass, it seems that its a miniature display of the statues on fake grass lol. looks very detailed tho

Wed, Nov 30th at 10:59pm (12 years ago)

If i had two monitors i would definitely use this!

Thu, Dec 1st at 02:15am (12 years ago)
zed29 says:


Thu, Dec 1st at 05:34am (12 years ago)

this tickles my fancy. really like this one, i dunno if i could use it, but i love looking at it.

Thu, Dec 1st at 06:28am (12 years ago)
EnerJax says:


Thu, Dec 1st at 09:45am (12 years ago)
Static- says:

wow very nice .. i would use it if i could

Thu, Dec 1st at 01:24pm (12 years ago)

You caught me there Bijou. I had reference images for this piece and I knew my scale was off a bit; unfortunately when I went to add grass, I hit the memory limit for my PC (the scene has roughly 1/2 million polys as is). I do appreciate the comment, but that's about as good as it's gonna get out of my computer.

Thu, Dec 1st at 07:22pm (12 years ago)
bijou says:

This is very beautiful, thank you for sharing! Although, if i may point out an error, in actuality Moai are an average of 13 feet tall, while the detail of the grass and the size of the stones around them suggests that they are much smaller. Anyhow, I must congradulate you on the detail of the stone, it is very well done and quite accurate! I'm excited to finally have a Moai desktop! UPDATE: lol! its great to hear that you went to such a length for accuracy! I don't really mind...its a well-done Moai wallpaper...what else can you ask for?

Fri, Dec 2nd at 06:24pm (12 years ago)
skato says:

i cant beleive someone knew the name of those statues thats awsome' and so is this wallapaper, for i to have always been facinated by these statues and their simplistic ominous appeal

Tue, Dec 6th at 02:51am (12 years ago)
Narwhal says:

Excellent, excellent work, AerosolFun. I don't have a dual display monitor, but it works just the same (only 2 of the faces though :().

A suggestion; DO MORE LIKE THIS (please). Honestly, this wallpaper is just gorgeous, I'd love to have even just ONE MORE like this one. Maybe not of the faces, but you know. Nice, airy kind of simple wallpaper with some strange twist. Sorry to babble. I love it. Print it and frame it, and I swear I'll buy it.

Mon, Dec 12th at 11:07pm (12 years ago)
Xyphur says:

You just had to make me hook up a second display... Thank you.

Wed, Dec 28th at 01:51am (12 years ago)

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Created by AerosolFun
on November 30th, 2005


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