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Artist's Note

My second abstract, hope you like it =)

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This kind of remindes me of one of the backgrounds you get to choose from for your school photos.

Sun, Nov 20th at 02:09pm (12 years ago)


Sun, Nov 20th at 10:36pm (12 years ago)

Great, kind of soft, "heaven-ish" look/feel to it.

Tue, Nov 29th at 11:44am (11 years ago)
subzero says:

it cool... especially the colors

Mon, Dec 5th at 05:43pm (11 years ago)
dtt1167 says:

Looks Pretty Sweet, somewhat reminds me of universal studios intro with the earth spinning... I like it

Thu, Jan 26th at 10:32am (11 years ago)

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Created by OpticalLiam
on November 20th, 2005


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