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Artist's Note

An older piece re-sized for a 20" cinema display (1680x1050) Aloha to the cool kids.

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Comments (33)


I love that wood texture and the colors. The lighting is superb. Awesome work!

Sun, Jun 26th at 02:25am (12 years ago)

Amazing as usual

Fri, Jun 24th at 02:23pm (12 years ago)

awsome!! there's only ONE thing i don't like about it... I don't have much of a graphics card and my CRT is rediculous... so my resolution is disgusting. Other wise its awsome as usual!

Fri, Jun 24th at 02:31pm (12 years ago)
- DioS - says:

your lights job are one of the best in the whole scena

Fri, Jun 24th at 03:06pm (12 years ago)

Quite amazing. I wish to see more of your renders in this style. I still am using one of your test renders of the computer as a background.

Fri, Jun 24th at 05:21pm (12 years ago)
SirWonkus says:

im afraid i have fallen out of touch with the muse, im glad to see you have not.

Fri, Jun 24th at 05:36pm (12 years ago)
Ans says:

lovely and crisp

Fri, Jun 24th at 06:53pm (12 years ago)
Fenris says:

lovely as usual :)

Fri, Jun 24th at 07:41pm (12 years ago)
advent says:

Your lighting skills disgust me. :)

Fri, Jun 24th at 10:29pm (12 years ago)
fate0000 says:

These will never go out of style. Did you use radiosity?

Sat, Jun 25th at 06:56pm (12 years ago)

radiosity was used.

Sun, Jun 26th at 12:13am (12 years ago)
link470 says:

I love it. Very well done, excellent lighting! Good work!

Sun, Jun 26th at 01:07am (12 years ago)
Enceladus says:

id like to see one with the skylight in it

Sun, Jun 26th at 01:41am (12 years ago)
liqachu says:

your timing couldnt be more perfect, i just got a 20" widescreen, and this is the perfect image to show it off with.

Sun, Jun 26th at 11:11am (12 years ago)
R I P says:

im jealous

Mon, Jun 27th at 10:11pm (12 years ago)
nghiem says:

Classic. I think I'm going to go get a widescreen monitor now! :D

Mon, Jun 27th at 11:23pm (12 years ago)

Yes! Awesome as always C72.

Tue, Jun 28th at 12:28am (12 years ago)
Aphaits says:

simple and complicated at the same time :D I'm dying to know the vray settings for this scene.

Tue, Jun 28th at 05:07am (12 years ago)
pojo says:

Very nice lighting work!

Tue, Jun 28th at 07:14am (12 years ago)
westerly says:

I honestly couldn't tell that that wasn't a photograph. Still can't tell. Beautiful.

Tue, Jun 28th at 11:48am (12 years ago)

always liked your use of wood panel flooring in your work. excellent job, it deserved the feature!

Tue, Jun 28th at 04:19pm (12 years ago)
Dokt says:

I can only echo what Wonkus said :)

Tue, Jun 28th at 06:00pm (12 years ago)
VictorC says:

always well done.

Wed, Jun 29th at 12:45am (12 years ago)
default says:

nice man, perhaps its worth trying this with a more abstract work? i mean the technique is EXCELLENT, especially the lightning, but i dont want a room on my desktop, not even such a nice one...

Wed, Jun 29th at 10:01am (12 years ago)
xCRAZYx says:

jesus he actually made this?? if i didnt know better i would definately think this to be a photo. wow if he really made that thats incredible.

Thu, Jun 30th at 02:04am (12 years ago)
koopey says:

I like all these ones ;]

Thu, Jun 30th at 10:21am (12 years ago)
ekoshyun says:

hooyah. another excellent widescreen wall for the masses!

Thu, Jun 30th at 08:19pm (12 years ago)
dmonix says:

This is awesome work, but as a wallpaper, it would be something i'd pick. It's a nice portfolio piece for you

Fri, Jul 1st at 06:23am (12 years ago)
BrNz says:

Very nice work - I thought it was a photo of some strange miller house.

Awesome 3d work.

Fri, Jul 1st at 11:09am (12 years ago)
Gabro says:

One of the best

Tue, Jul 19th at 07:48am (12 years ago)
koekoeh says:


Wed, Apr 12th at 06:03pm (11 years ago)

Love this, featured

Sat, Feb 9th at 01:19pm (9 years ago)
kiD a says:

...disregard above comment, here instead

Sun, Feb 17th at 01:41pm (9 years ago)

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Created by colossus72
on June 24th, 2005


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