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1600 x 1200

Feedback welcome :)

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Woah! Talk about keeping vector art fresh!

Tue, Jun 21st at 04:04am (12 years ago)
VictorC says:

A lot of it seems unrefined, but this certainly has a nice asthetic about it. The parts of the icebergs/landshelf visible beneath the water - juicy.

Mon, Jun 20th at 11:12pm (12 years ago)

nice yes!
but i think the dragon needs a tad bit more detail. nice use of color.

Mon, Jun 20th at 11:18pm (12 years ago)

definately awesome

Mon, Jun 20th at 11:52pm (12 years ago)
R I P says:

great concept and colours, i dont agree with the layout, reflections are a plus, the background wouldve looked better just as a lighter shade rather then blurred, that just my option, you did well though, but you can go further.

Tue, Jun 21st at 12:00am (12 years ago)
advent says:

Yeah, the dragon could use more detail, but you've got a damn fine piece of vector art right here.

Tue, Jun 21st at 01:03am (12 years ago)
liqachu says:

nice work clarky

Tue, Jun 21st at 03:07am (12 years ago)
alterion says:

needs featuring right now.. gonna rate it.. great work

Tue, Jun 21st at 08:37am (12 years ago)
myndfucht says:

Love evertything but the tree, it just feels like the leaves part is too fluffy, like it should be more jagged? i don't know just an opinion.

Wed, Jun 22nd at 12:25am (12 years ago)
loche says:

nice, very nice

Wed, Jun 22nd at 03:19am (12 years ago)
Ans says:

Cheers for the feedback and suggestions i'm gonna try implement some of them asap.

Wed, Jun 22nd at 02:32pm (12 years ago)
Txiasaeia says:

One more suggestion: with the dragon and superkid in the lower right corner, it kind of feels as if the piece is out of focus. It looks like the dragon is the focus right now, but then the eye is immediately dragged down to the baby in the corner. I wonder how it would look if you had the dragon's tail in the middle, and the dragon in upper left & baby in lower right (rule of thirds)? This would also unclutter the superbaby & tree. It's still good, but I'd love to see an updated version with a more "centered" pair.

Thu, Jun 23rd at 12:09am (12 years ago)

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Created by Ans
on June 20th, 2005


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