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I think the color choice is what really makes this great. The opera house on the left is kinda boring to me, but the jumper is well done. The clouds look especially nice. The text is no good. Overall this is very nice and very usable. Great work.

Mon, Jun 20th at 07:03am (12 years ago)

the colors are relaxing but the shapes are on edge, nice contrast! the birds were a nice touch too.

Fri, Jun 17th at 11:12pm (12 years ago)
FLiK says:

Beautiful stuff. Absolutely love it. I've got myself a wall now.

Sat, Jun 18th at 02:34am (12 years ago)
versuz says:

(i like the circles around the jumping person!)

Sat, Jun 18th at 04:12am (12 years ago)
flatdan says:

Le Parkour at its extreme! j3 is right the best one so far.

Sat, Jun 18th at 06:07am (12 years ago)
gh_st says:

awesome colours *thumbs up*

Sat, Jun 18th at 11:19am (12 years ago)
akka says:

easily your best :] cheers.

Sat, Jun 18th at 01:48pm (12 years ago)
SirWonkus says:

the pick of the litter.

Sat, Jun 18th at 02:37pm (12 years ago)
BozzLe says:

Top stuff mate! Love the inclusion of the Opera House, looks fab. I gave 80 as rating coz when I downloaded the pic, I had to redit and save in Photoshop as it was buggarising around with my desktop.

Sat, Jun 18th at 07:29pm (12 years ago)

its very well done, love the soft colors and the opra house! very swell indeed!!

Sat, Jun 18th at 08:17pm (12 years ago)
liqachu says:

these 'he1z-a-like' images bore me

Sun, Jun 19th at 08:19am (12 years ago)
heylove says:

Nice graident. I don't know about the type though. The concept is pretty obvious.

Mon, Jun 20th at 01:05pm (12 years ago)

I love the colors. Great job.

Mon, Jun 20th at 05:00pm (12 years ago)
Trashed says:


Tue, Jun 21st at 04:20am (12 years ago)
alterion says:

ib already watch and commented on this on DA.. not really parkour though flat.. freestyle parkour.. possibly.. cool deffo.

Tue, Jun 21st at 08:34am (12 years ago)
kjherstin says:

Finally an Australian backdrop. I love it! Make more! The circles around the jumper wanting to fly is so cool. Great work!

Sun, Jun 26th at 04:54am (12 years ago)


Tue, Jun 28th at 12:17am (12 years ago)

wow...is the guy mad ? i mean there are a lot of other ways to express "freedom"...=) lol

Sun, Jun 10th at 01:51pm (10 years ago)

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Created by expansiondesign
on June 17th, 2005


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