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Artist's Note

Rendering this out made my PC sound like a dyson on heat! Again, any feedback would be greatly appreciated.


Comments (30)


It's cute, I really like the flag being made of the little guys -

Fri, May 6th at 02:16am (12 years ago)
advent says:

Cute. Great work here.

Thu, May 5th at 09:05am (12 years ago)
stilist says:

Haha... wonderfully /apropos/, too.

Thu, May 5th at 09:28am (12 years ago)

great little concept

Thu, May 5th at 11:35am (12 years ago)

very cool!

Thu, May 5th at 12:29pm (12 years ago)
liqachu says:

lol nice job :)

Thu, May 5th at 12:55pm (12 years ago)
headvoid says:

perhaps the black lines are slightly too rigid in comparison to the rest of the piece, but hey, who cares this is really really clever and fun!:)

Thu, May 5th at 01:43pm (12 years ago)
fatphil says:

love it!
new wp time!

Thu, May 5th at 05:20pm (12 years ago)
bijou says:

that is SOOOO cool!

Thu, May 5th at 06:39pm (12 years ago)
R I P says:

great concept, good execution. well done.

Thu, May 5th at 07:09pm (12 years ago)
ekoshyun says:

nice concept... one quirk tho.. why the heck are the blue machines makeing the GREY guys and the grey machines making the BLUE guys? o_O

Thu, May 5th at 09:45pm (12 years ago)
VictorC says:

this one's got the juice.

Thu, May 5th at 09:46pm (12 years ago)
Ans says:

God damnit eko! I only noticed that after the long render and I was hoping no-one else would spot it :p cheers for the comments.

Thu, May 5th at 10:17pm (12 years ago)

Awesome concept - I noticed that little quirk too...Oh well, still a great job.

Thu, May 5th at 10:50pm (12 years ago)
Hallowed says:

Very nice, almost tounge in cheek-ish. I'm enjoying it.

Fri, May 6th at 01:48am (12 years ago)
halfofbob says:

clever. i have to admit it's one of the first wallpapers on the page that caught my eye. not my style for a wallpaper, but it's still nice to look at.

Fri, May 6th at 02:37am (12 years ago)

very good idea. congratulations.

Fri, May 6th at 04:47am (12 years ago)
walkersc says:

Very different and creative. I kept wanting to look at it for a long time.

Fri, May 6th at 08:12am (12 years ago)
Furikuu says:

Interesting idea. Inspired by the election, by any chance? :P

Fri, May 6th at 10:43am (12 years ago)
link470 says:

I really like this. It's very creative. I think those little guys are having way to much fun. Good job!

Sat, May 7th at 02:53am (12 years ago)
GHOST9 says:

This is an awsome concept! Love it!

Sat, May 7th at 10:53am (12 years ago)
riKo says:

I notice that when those little dudes enter the white terminal they become blue instead of turning white...and the same happens with those who enter the blue terminal..Other that it's very funny, a very nive concept.

Sat, May 7th at 05:18pm (12 years ago)
tau says:

That's not what the American flag looks like.

Sat, May 7th at 08:07pm (12 years ago)

Ofcourse that's not what the American flag looks like. If it was the American flag, the machines would be bigger and less efficient, and they'd be turning the people into $ signs.

Sun, May 8th at 06:52am (12 years ago)

damn cool.

Mon, May 9th at 10:38am (12 years ago)
Teque5 says:

not really a desktop, but damn sweet

Mon, May 9th at 04:13pm (12 years ago)
native says:

original and fresh... good job... i like the idea of how the workers are beings used to make up the flag...

Mon, May 9th at 05:08pm (12 years ago)
SirWonkus says:

so... many... comments...neat work.

Mon, May 9th at 09:23pm (12 years ago)

Very amusing ^.^ Would be neat to see a repost or update with the mislabeled machines fixed. ;) Otherwise, quite a nice desktop =)

Thu, May 26th at 02:40pm (12 years ago)
dammon says:

I dunno why, but I think that is pretty awesome hahaha.

Fri, Apr 25th at 12:18am (9 years ago)

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