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Artist's Note

This is my second graffiti piece I've made for depthCORE so far.
This is no font, the letters are made by me.
This os pretty much the raw render from 3dsMax.
The bots added a nice touch to the wallpaper.
Comment's are appreciated.

Check out the pack here>>

Licensing: the artist has specified that ports are allowed.

Comments (13)


I really like the coloring. Very soft, but almost futuristic feeling. The robots add a nice touch.

Sat, Mar 5th at 01:46am (12 years ago)
advent says:

You can't port wallpapers.

Fri, Mar 4th at 09:22am (12 years ago)

I think at some point it ceases to be graffiti and becomes another form of art... infact, by simply not being ON a physical object makes it not graffiti

Fri, Mar 4th at 12:12pm (12 years ago)

its graffiti-style writing... close enough

Fri, Mar 4th at 04:24pm (12 years ago)
boss019 says:

but, but FF........isn't that diluting the true style of graffiti and it's deeper inner meaning by saying close enough? Lmao, god, some people are way too serious and think too much...lighten up AJ

Fri, Mar 4th at 06:38pm (12 years ago)
senex says:

It would look better if you put your little signature junk in perspective to fit the rest of the render.

Fri, Mar 4th at 08:45pm (12 years ago)
felix says:

you should use variations of letters, rather than the same letter over and over. hence "ee" in free, and the "pe" in the smaller text.. it looks terrible when done like that, and makes it look even more like a pre made font. the bots DIDNT add a nice touch in my opinion, they dont seem to have the same depth as the text does. thus making them feel/look like cutouts. the wallpaper would be so much better without them. try doing a background, rather than having the text lay on a flat surface. and please, do away with those bots.

Sat, Mar 5th at 03:15am (12 years ago)
HeK says:

very nicely done webdiod, love it. dunno how some ppl can say the ee looks terrible... man just look at the overall feeling!! webdiod did it his way, and it looks cool. If u wanna make constructive comments, just make them in a respectful way for example NOT saying it looks terrible...

Sat, Mar 5th at 10:23am (12 years ago)

that style of of graffiti is overused. its what noobie graf artist use to kinda "baby step" themselves in to an actual style. and just recently ive seen too many digi artists use it. kudos for trying however. and i agree with felix, the bots dont fit, nor look like they are actually part of the piece.

Sat, Mar 5th at 12:39pm (12 years ago)

nice job man, ace work. - you should try blend mats with dirt masks on this, it would suit it.

Sun, Mar 6th at 03:37pm (12 years ago)

Nice render work. But what I really want to see is if you create a colorful version of this, filling out the whole graphitti look. The whiteness just seems to be keeping this piece back.

Sun, Mar 20th at 02:58pm (12 years ago)

Thats hot as hell.. when he says port I think he means make other things themed around it... meangin.. like for winamp? change the font to some graffiti like font from the internet, then make the buttons scrawled. I can send u some pics o what I think he meaning. Then he probab thinkin of some futuristic sleek look.

I like your tags. They are good. You tag in real life tho?I like your style.. think of adding flares and arrows and such, it looks a biiiiiiiiiiit generic.. but still you have developed a sense of originality in this. Downloadin now

Mon, Apr 4th at 10:15pm (12 years ago)

It's great

Thu, May 24th at 03:32pm (10 years ago)

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Created by webdiod
on March 4th, 2005


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