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Artist's Note

__Coop2 Advanced* (3 Versions)

There is one version that you see in the above image, and the other 2 are slightly less complex with slight variations between them. All of which are 1600x1200.

This is more like what I had in mind for my original Coop wallpaper. Hope you enjoy!

Comments (17)


warm colors in stylish arangements, but maybe some of the elements are a little too symmetric. I like the version above best, looks quite usable.

Mon, Oct 18th at 04:13pm (13 years ago)

yeah what hermik said..

Mon, Oct 18th at 11:20am (13 years ago)
1nfinite says:

sorry but i fuckin love this

Mon, Oct 18th at 12:41pm (13 years ago)
SirWonkus says:

man this style is blowin up!

Mon, Oct 18th at 01:42pm (13 years ago)
mZtriZ says:


Mon, Oct 18th at 02:33pm (13 years ago)
sfSix says:

nice keep em rolling

Mon, Oct 18th at 03:17pm (13 years ago)
jujube says:

the petals is kinda sysmetrical, but is not too noticeable

Mon, Oct 18th at 04:34pm (13 years ago)
jms says:

remarkable piece

Mon, Oct 18th at 05:29pm (13 years ago)
thenut says:

looks nice

Mon, Oct 18th at 09:56pm (13 years ago)
stilist says:

Ignore the complaints about the symmetry, I think it looks good that way [and I have a suspicion you did it on purpose.]

Tue, Oct 19th at 08:42am (13 years ago)
qwertz says:

styling. i think you've found your creative strength in this artwork. congrats.

Tue, Oct 19th at 02:23pm (13 years ago)
heylove says:

Your doing an awesome job on these walls. Best I've seen in some time. I really love this style. I just have one little request. Color packs. As much as I really like this wall I'm not to keen on the color choice. Flintsilver If there where something more feature worthy then this don't you think the admins would have featured it? Don't you ever have anything nice to say? Flintsilver I dunno. Maybe I only read the negative comments. "Can't we feature a different style for once?" That makes you sound like a dick. Why couldn't you have just said you wouldn't mind a change in pace in the first place? Since that's what's you meant. Don't you think that would have been more appropriate? It's not like this is a bad peice. You said so yourself.

Tue, Oct 19th at 06:15pm (13 years ago)

*cocks head to one side, then the other* What [I]is[/I] it? Hey, I like abstract, but this is like... huh? It's pure awesomeness, though.

Tue, Oct 19th at 08:56pm (13 years ago)
2JSC says:

[B]Heylove:[/B] I'll try working some kind of color pack with my next project.

Tue, Oct 19th at 10:15pm (13 years ago)

You're pretty consistent in coming up with works that are feature worthy, this is no exception. Good Job :)

Wed, Oct 20th at 09:15pm (13 years ago)
Gearman says:

I don't mind the symmetry, but some of the burned colors come off as a bit harsh. But that's just nitpicking on an otherwise great piece of work. Nice job mate, really lovin it.

Thu, Oct 21st at 01:08am (13 years ago)
aestas says:

it isn't everyday that you see wallpapers like this.
it'll haff a place on my desktop for certain.

Tue, Mar 27th at 06:25am (10 years ago)

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Created by 2JSC
on October 18th, 2004


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