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Got bored once again and started to make something similar to red blood cells and a vein, then change the tube into a mirriory thing. I thought it was kinda relevant to the advancing technology, and it's also contrasting natural and man made

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it's ok, I don't know though if the colorchoice makes this very usable

Sun, Oct 17th at 09:20am (13 years ago)
jms says:

.artificial vein with ficial cells.. the green light also refers to the artificiality.. nice piece..would be better if you could make the flowing motion stand out more..

Sun, Oct 17th at 02:51am (13 years ago)

A very beautiful piece of work, but not very usable as a wallapper. The green stands out too much with the cells. Also, the cells look a little pink, and... still.

Sun, Oct 17th at 12:51pm (13 years ago)
mockba says:

i just gave blood yesterday.

Sun, Oct 17th at 08:56pm (13 years ago)

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Created by Maelstrom
on October 17th, 2004


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