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Wallpapers / Sunny tropics

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Artist's Note

complete vector. made in PS. Comment, download, set as wallpaper and enjoy :D

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simple but nice, the shadow could use some work

Thu, Oct 14th at 11:15am (13 years ago)
araut says:

simple and beatiful.
very nice job.

Thu, Oct 14th at 02:47am (13 years ago)
bizarresk says:

thx guys :)

Thu, Oct 14th at 04:25am (13 years ago)

Great colors, great design, I love it :)

Thu, Oct 14th at 06:12am (13 years ago)

This is great. Some simple looking vector work that contrast with the season. I love it.

Thu, Oct 14th at 06:14am (13 years ago)

excellent work. now implement the detail in this into your "frog" piece and you'd have a winning combo.

Thu, Oct 14th at 09:20am (13 years ago)
dre says:

simply lovin it

Thu, Oct 14th at 11:04am (13 years ago)

cool, very soothing. this + a soft vs/wb like Milk + some funny icons = the perfect summer desktop (which starts on december over here). definitely going to try that combination. awesome work!

Thu, Oct 14th at 11:28am (13 years ago)
eyn says:

this looks really good, keep em coming! :)

Thu, Oct 14th at 12:36pm (13 years ago)
DoorinD says:

this is really good. has a great feel to it, and nothing seems underdeveloped. great job.

Fri, Oct 15th at 03:08pm (13 years ago)
Gearman says:

I dig it. Very simple, clean and elegant. Some minor color work and it would be stunning. It would be interesting to see what you could do with a sunset in this kind of style.

Fri, Oct 15th at 03:26pm (13 years ago)
mglenn_1 says:

A lot of wallpapers are creative, but too distracting for everyday use. I have to continually filter out the background to see what I'm working on. This is cheerful, relaxing and practical for long-term use. Thanks!

Sat, Jan 1st at 08:55am (12 years ago)

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Created by bizarresk
on October 14th, 2004


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