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Wallpapers / Fahrenheit 9/11 (Cannes '04)

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Artist's Note

hi all,

A tribute to the nu Michael Moore movie....hope you'll like it, tried to make it themable (gradient power) :) ..cya..

Comments (23)


smooth gradients, minimal photo manips, clear vector illustration.... this is a good combination kids.

Tue, May 25th at 07:13am (13 years ago)
Kultrax says:

I love this, absolutly love it. Colors are simply awsome, this is gonna be in my next desktop fo sho.

Mon, May 24th at 05:26pm (13 years ago)
MaRZ says:

definiely liking it dude

Mon, May 24th at 05:35pm (13 years ago)
g0ds ce0 says:

that looks awsome, and nice choice of movies to tribute. i really wanna see it. maybe try making some different color versions?

Mon, May 24th at 05:36pm (13 years ago)
BruceLee says:

thx people..i delated the psd file:) but i can try modify it if there are other requests..
i'm happy to see that my wall have comments about the "political" and "art".
I'm not here to make someone's propaganda, I just wanted to use a actual fact ( michael moore's new "movie" ) for people not to forget the 9/11 tragedy. I haven't seen the "movie" so I can't tell if I'm for or against the vision Michael Moore tried to give but I know one thing, every fact have a reason, for someone's mistake many people have lost their lives and this/these persons have to PAY.
Keep expressin your feelings, art is not a superficial thing..

Mon, May 24th at 07:05pm (13 years ago)
R I P says:

clean simple and minimal: good job.

Mon, May 24th at 07:21pm (13 years ago)

Nice wallpaper for what it's worth, though I can't stand Michael Moore. In fact, in the interest of fairness I'm making my next wallpaper in honor of MichaelMooreHatesAmerica.com.

Mon, May 24th at 08:33pm (13 years ago)
VictorC says:

My friend, I'll say I do like this.

Tue, May 25th at 02:02am (13 years ago)

Nice job Bruce

Tue, May 25th at 09:51am (13 years ago)

we "right wing fanatics" honor truthfullness before "criticism" which would be a very broad characterization of what Mr Moore does. Anyway, I still think the wall itself is nice, even if I don't care for the inspiration.

Tue, May 25th at 12:51pm (13 years ago)
1nfinite says:

I REALLY like this wall, its smooth, soothing and has meaning, great job ;D

Tue, May 25th at 03:13pm (13 years ago)
Dokt says:

Like the motive, not a fan of the wall.

Tue, May 25th at 05:07pm (13 years ago)
Aero says:

its funny but actually one of the things i like LEAST about this piece is the meaning...i think the art speaks for itself and is quite good.

Tue, May 25th at 07:24pm (13 years ago)
Anetalaya says:

you could loose the 9/11 thing, and still get an idea of what you are talking about.

Tue, May 25th at 07:33pm (13 years ago)
ere.mite says:

good art but horrible subject

Mon, May 31st at 09:26pm (13 years ago)
DoorinD says:

the whole political thing feels kind of contrived, i'm not anti michael moore or anything, but the meaning just isnt really conveyed. art is okay tho, its kind of a textbook vector but the extra work on and behind the buildings gives it a little punch. not sure what i think of the giant red lines... but overall its not a bad piece.

Mon, May 31st at 11:00pm (13 years ago)

Great subject, great execution.
The one thing lacking @ Customize is usually art that provokes, most of the stuff just focuses on pleasing the eye - Hollywood blockbuster style, I hope that more people bring up edgier stuff, glad it has been "Featured". Go Customize.org!

Tue, Jun 1st at 11:13am (13 years ago)

that's some shizzle lean right there.

Tue, Jun 1st at 08:10pm (13 years ago)

Am I the only one that thinks the rounded corners at the top aren't very good?

Tue, Jun 1st at 11:15pm (13 years ago)
ether says:

fab combo of all the cool things in illustration.

Wed, Jun 2nd at 12:10am (13 years ago)
SteV says:

What is it with all those vectors being featured last days. I don't see why I should use this as a wall. The place where my taskbar would be covers te little part where still something is visible.

Thu, Jun 3rd at 07:23am (13 years ago)
ekzibit says:

Average wall. Doesn't have the feel of a complete work.

p.s. In years to come you'll look back at this "tribute" to that fat fuck and wonder how insane you were.

Thu, Jun 3rd at 11:24pm (13 years ago)

There isn't much artwork to it (80). It's original even if I don't like the inspiration (80). I also wanna rate this for how usable this it. Orange goes with about anything, and there isn't much in the center and left side (95). That's where my score came from.

Wed, Jun 30th at 05:42pm (13 years ago)

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Created by BruceLee
on May 24th, 2004


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