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Artist's Note

My second ORIGINAL wallpaper, the other one was my Older Brothers, I Submited it for him cuase hes wanted me to and said i COULD!

Comments (11)


well that effect is actually really cool but the black bar/text on the bottom and the outline of the girl really ruin it. take those off and include some color variations and this will be 100x better.

Sat, May 22nd at 09:11pm (13 years ago)

how about no outline at all?

Sat, May 22nd at 07:31pm (13 years ago)
Xyphur says:

Hm, well... File > New, fill background layer with yellow, Filters > Extrude, and then slap a hollowed female silhouette on top. Next attempt, start with at least 1280x1024, and put some artistic thought into it...

Sun, May 23rd at 01:50am (13 years ago)

man, ALL that is is a filter. Sorry buddy, but that's nothing, nothing at all. You did nothing. Can I say "nothing" again? Nothing.

Mon, May 24th at 09:28am (13 years ago)
-blurred says:

holy shit man he broke the 50 download mark....colossus u better watch out hes got a hot wall here..... :P ....btw Ive had enough of the shove this up you ass bullshit CeEp088 go fuck yourself

Mon, May 24th at 04:21pm (13 years ago)
merkurixx says:

god i love this wallpaper. you are a genius. you have incredible photoshop skills.

Mon, May 24th at 07:57pm (13 years ago)
squiz says:

not bad =]

Mon, May 24th at 10:56pm (13 years ago)
liqachu says:

haha that reply to colossus made my day :]

Tue, May 25th at 04:47am (13 years ago)

I cant believe that this received a 60.05 from mojomonkey then he comments it's a nice effect..............was he drunk?

Sat, May 29th at 11:25am (13 years ago)
Chriszuma says:

mojomonkee wasn't drunk, a drunk person would say it sucks and give it a 1. He was obviously smoking pot. I mean, on pot it might look like it took more than 2 minutes to make.

Mon, May 31st at 02:59pm (13 years ago)
advent says:

0mg l33t! 3y3 w1sh 1 h4d j00r sk1llz0rz!

Mon, May 31st at 08:09pm (13 years ago)

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Created by CeEpO88
on May 21st, 2004


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