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Artist's Note

Tryed something new... suggestions!? this took forever, but it was fun. sorry about porting. I didn't know what the fetch it was talking about, so yeah.

Licensing: the artist has specified that ports are allowed.

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Albeit a nifty render(I like it as a render a lot), it isn't much of a wallpaper for people. I like the little eye or two that you added in. very subtle.

Sun, May 9th at 07:22pm (13 years ago)

But...it's wallpaper. You don't port wallpaper, do you? You just...use it. Am I missing something? It's a graphic. It doesn't need to be reconfigured to work with a skinning engine. You just stick it up in the background.

Sat, May 8th at 09:05pm (13 years ago)
dammon says:

oops, sorry about porting... messup.

Sun, May 9th at 11:08am (13 years ago)
MANTO says:

i miss stuff like that, nowadays there's hardly any wallpaper like this on customize

Mon, May 10th at 09:40am (13 years ago)

i like the kitty stuck in there.

Tue, May 11th at 02:21pm (13 years ago)

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Created by dammon
on May 8th, 2004


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