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Artist's Note

Probably my most ambitious attempt yet. I included a 2D-free version in the zip. Not too much to say, just hope it goes over well. As always, comments and feedback are welcome. FYI: 1600 x 1200 version is also available:

Comments (11)


Good render flint, I think the main piece needs to stand out more from the background though. Main piece in my eyes being that drill orb with claws looking thing in the background. Perhaps try adding a different color to it.

Sat, Feb 7th at 11:24pm (13 years ago)
Tr0jAn_ says:

Sorry, I knew that... accident. Typed a 1. :p Thnx 4 pointing it out.

Sat, Feb 7th at 08:20pm (13 years ago)
GiZMo2k says:

Actually if you gave him 95 he only lost 5. I love the depth and detail of this piece. If the res was larger I'd use it. UPDATE: Can't customize with this wall shocks? Sounds like a challenge. Once the 1600x1200 gets up here I guess I'll have to work on a screenshot

Sat, Feb 7th at 09:21pm (13 years ago)
Chriszuma says:

It looks pretty sweet to me, albeit a little mono-ground
Hey, tr0jan, (100 - 15 != 95)

Sat, Feb 7th at 09:22pm (13 years ago)

Shocks - I was actually just thinking about that today. I don't take customization nearly as far as some people, and a complex wall doesn't work for them because it's hard to match many things to it. Then again, I'm sure there are a ton of people like me, who don't mind a wall being busy and such. Good point there. UPDATE: After a scant 26 hours of rendering and 3 hours of PSP work, the 1600x1200 is done.

Sat, Feb 7th at 09:32pm (13 years ago)
Sonic says:

so clear, so sharp, so concise, so detailed. two thumbs up. definately a good piece.

Sat, Feb 7th at 10:10pm (13 years ago)
shocks says:

great render, not so good wall. I would give the render a 95, but then again, this is a wall and it's about it being a wall. This would be great for a normal pc user, but for us customize folks, it's just to busy. update Yes, Flint I know you and many other people will like this wall that don't really customize. The thing is I like to customize my desktop and I like to review here on customize.org and our rating here is based on usability and quality, this has quality but no usablility. Either way flint, keep up the good renders :)

Sat, Feb 7th at 10:46pm (13 years ago)
bijou says:

I love it, you did a great job, and it certianly isn't too dark

Sun, Feb 8th at 11:22am (13 years ago)
senex says:

looks like a normal bryce-esque render to me.

Sun, Feb 8th at 09:01pm (13 years ago)
depaz says:

Great wall, i love the glassy look. Very good render :)

Mon, Feb 9th at 10:45pm (13 years ago)

Good work, let's see you mix it up in your next wall, some colors and more modelling. Get crazy.

Fri, Feb 13th at 11:53am (13 years ago)

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Created by Flintsilver
on February 7th, 2004


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