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Artist's Note

Hello everyone!

Haven't submitted in a while. Here's something that i've worked on for some time now, so please have a look and let me know what ya think!

As usual, please download the zip pack:
4 versions available
All in 1600x1200

Thank you for viewing!

Comments (16)


a greatly done dark wallpaper. my favorite is climax v2, but there is some aliasing on it that ought to be fixed. a bit busy for most, but they're still good nonetheless.

Mon, Dec 1st at 06:07am (14 years ago)
shocks says:

Very nice and unusal style, It has this great feel to it.

Sun, Nov 30th at 09:21pm (14 years ago)
seeingred says:

i like it. its very busy but still kinda clean.

Sun, Nov 30th at 10:43pm (14 years ago)
harper says:

I'm giving it a good rating because it looks like a shitload of time went into these. Personally however I think they stink (no I'm not trolling). My son likes climax v2, he said it would be easy to theme around. Personally, I don't see it....

Mon, Dec 1st at 12:52am (14 years ago)
Ainan says:

I love this wall...very nice. It's great to see a nice looking dark wall again...

Mon, Dec 1st at 01:17am (14 years ago)
neo_ says:

very interesting use of feelings and emotions. the use of the room-feeling makes it futuristic. euqal where you got your influence for this one from: that person did a job. brave useing the purple, pink. Now you want me to explain the 73, right? Execution. You feel stressed, right? Nobody will hit you when you take a day more. I am not going to say more because you will call me a jerk or can you take the critique?

Mon, Dec 1st at 02:04pm (14 years ago)
mo says:

it's alright... say what ya want, that's why i uploaded it here. not that i was expectin you ppl go give it a good rating. Just wanted some feedback

Tue, Dec 2nd at 03:28am (14 years ago)
axii says:

hey faggot upload the //unrealeased versions please, don't be a faggot

Tue, Dec 2nd at 12:02pm (14 years ago)
fate0000 says:

very fatoe-ish. I'm diggin it!

Thu, Dec 4th at 09:25pm (14 years ago)
DoorinD says:

fucking slick. this is what vector wallpaper should look like. each one rocks. i dont quite understand what neo is saying, but i gotta say i disagree. great work.

Thu, Dec 4th at 09:55pm (14 years ago)
Anetalaya says:

each one is perfect in it's own particular way..

Thu, Dec 4th at 11:22pm (14 years ago)

its fuckin "art" nuff said

Thu, Dec 4th at 11:30pm (14 years ago)

That's absolutely stunning, useable as desktop and pure art, inspiring.

Fri, Dec 5th at 12:45am (14 years ago)
liqachu says:

badass work champ

Fri, Dec 5th at 04:59am (14 years ago)
Dokt says:


Fri, Dec 5th at 06:17am (14 years ago)

Two of them have a Loboesque type of feel to them, which is pretty cool, but the other two are just really busy. Half hit, half miss, if you ask me.

Fri, Dec 5th at 07:39am (14 years ago)

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Created by mo
on November 30th, 2003


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