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Wallpapers / Cold Vortex

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Artist's Note

Another swirl experiment, idea was make fireball but iceball looked better. Nothing new.

Comments (15)

Nim says:

I like it a lot.

Blat says:

Swirls can be cool like this. Good use of scan lines too. A little filtered for my tastes, but the final product is suprisingly pleasing to the eye.

Bjezuz says:

okay I guess There should be more clear objects in my opinion. Kinda just a big spirl with some nice blur effects!

Cogo says:

Looks really nice!!


I like this pic, but its a little too bright. Like the blur though...good work...

codery says:

huuooouh yeh this is cool man!!

paploo says:

some quite nice effects. nothing really to focus on as is all a bit too blurred

Canar says:

Good choice of effects, but it'd be nice if you'd tone some of the colors down a little. The spiral is a bit too "perfect", and the edges a bit too blue. I agree with everyone else on the fact that you should do some more, though. Great work!

Hassassin says:

Boy do i luv dem spirals!!!!!! Not enuff spiralage though...(that a werd?) I really like that cold, foggy night effect Good Shiznit.. make another

Paull says:

Purdy, nice filtering and colors. Make some more WPs.


This non figurative piece of crp isn't even worth rating!

Canadia says:

the outside is too blue for me. i enjoy the dodged goodness though.

Cyphrus says:

nice blur. Slightly too bright if you ask me.

BNM says:

i'm getting slllleeppy, oh nnnaao

DarkSaber says:

Not that shabby. A little too much blue around the edge, but I dunno what u can do about that

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Created by FAlcOn
on May 17th, 2000


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