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Too much white space and not enough wallpaper. Simple and minimalistic, yes. Really nice? Yes. But I want more wallpaper vector action.

Tue, Sep 23rd at 03:12am (13 years ago)
hermik says:

Better! Getting better! And a better way to show a girl than just to put her in the bottom edge. Besides, STILL your transitions are really bad. The same I said about the circles and rectangles applys here to the hair and 2d: there's a harsh transition, showing at least 1px difference (which hurts my eyes, cause they are used to look for things like that since I startet painting) ... after looking at it for a while: she somehow looks beeing slaughtered and hung up like dead meat ;) that's what I was refering to: . It's hard to explain it in words, and even harder in a non native language =) RepoMonkey, send me a mail if you feel the urge or leave me be. And my comment wasn't meant as bad as it was taken by many (not Imrik as he told me). I just wanted to point out what there might be done better. If you don't like it, then just read my first line. fin. thanks Max, that's what it was supposed to be =)

Sun, Sep 14th at 10:47am (13 years ago)
Imrik says:

you know hermik. there is a pixel difference of one pixel. right. do you know why? because the line is just one pixel thick. it´s equal at which ones work you look. take novenarik. take pods. if there´s just one pixel there has to be this difference. maybe your magic program can do it.. iillustrator not. i was working on this for weeks. i made drawings. i had big papers full with colours because i didn´t want to use pink anymore. i made sketches for those eyes. that those horrible eyes will go with the logo type someday. now they´re part of the logo type. that it will be sharp as possible. i made thousands of illustrator files just for this dumb thing on her shoulder. hmn. maybe i am just in the wrong time... oh yes! this is the wallpaper you can use with the axiis-o suite because you see?! there´s the same logo. you see it? .. at last. there´s a reason why there´s place for notes. and .. most of the time they´ve a sense. // Now. That´s what i want to have as reviews. WONDERFUL! Thank you RepoMonkey. Thank you hermik, Max. I can see everyones view on this one. I know how you´re feeling repomonkey. but hermik know what he´s talking about. yes. at first i think everytime "Man.. jerk.. come on!" but i take time.. read it again. and change my mind. it´s great to have the critique from you hermik ..from you max. and suggestions, too. that´s wonderful! i know now what you mean hermik. i will take even more time to do it. your suggestions are great max. i will try them out now. thank you for the feedback again. it´s okay. you´re the bomb rkenshin. thank you!

Sun, Sep 14th at 10:55am (13 years ago)

Man Hermik, the way you lay into people you'd think you were perfect. Newsflash mate - you're not - you produce pretty ordinary looking vector walls, most of which look like they started off as a tracing, which you glorify with a few gradients. Whoop de doo. This, on the other hand, does not look like a tracing, it look original. There is merit in creating original works, without 'reference' to a photo. Admitedly this doesn't light my fire, but I enjoy the originaility of it and the way it flows. You really need to pull your head out of your arse mate, it's daylight out here.

Sun, Sep 14th at 11:28am (13 years ago)
invision says:

i see y'all have been doin your english homework... :/

Sun, Sep 14th at 01:18pm (13 years ago)
shocks says:

talk about reviews :) i have nothing to add to this but keep working hard ;)

Sun, Sep 14th at 02:07pm (13 years ago)
MaRZ says:

i'm with shocks on this one and imrik keep up the good work

Sun, Sep 14th at 02:45pm (13 years ago)

this would be hot with some grey tribals/vector work in the background. good job dude. BTW this made me want to experiment with pink on my desktop

Sun, Sep 14th at 03:13pm (13 years ago)

i like the design on her shoulder, and yes, as max said, this is just the beginning... keep working on it! i like it :)

Sun, Sep 14th at 03:14pm (13 years ago)

I think it's perfect.

Sun, Sep 14th at 03:46pm (13 years ago)

a very impressive wallpaper - minimal and cool. I would love to do a remix of some kind of this wallpaper. Messsage me on ICQ if ya want.

Sun, Sep 14th at 05:10pm (13 years ago)

looks unfinished. The lines are a little jagged. Sharpen the lines up a bit and add more to it. Still looks nice anyways.
PS: REVIEW #1000

Mon, Sep 15th at 12:04am (13 years ago)

rkenshin: color shouldn't be used for the sake of color. i think its perfect just the way it is

Mon, Sep 15th at 01:23am (13 years ago)
axii says:

jesus christ, im gone for a few days and you guys start this new trend of reviewing stuff with 10 page paragraphs. nice work imrik, but the jaggies and those sharp edges where it should be smooth could have been worked on, but that's already been said, so.

Mon, Sep 15th at 10:19am (13 years ago)

very nice work.

Mon, Sep 15th at 04:51pm (13 years ago)
Girlietec says:

I like the idea of it, but not how it was implemented. The ends of the hair bother me. Maybe do something a little more electrifying with it.

Tue, Sep 16th at 01:22pm (13 years ago)

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Created by Imrik
on September 14th, 2003


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